Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Penang Char Koay Teo @ Lorong Selamat

I had a long day today, and was looking forward to checking into the Hotel, before making my way to FF Penang for 7pm RPM class. Unfortunately for me, I have a problem, I don't know the roads in Penang well. So while looking for my hotel, I managed to find Lorong Selamat, so I thought since I might not find this place again tomorrow, I go tapao first la.

Which stall is this ? One Auntie's stall who is opposite the Koptiam Above.

In case you were asking, yes this one has 3 big prawns in it, and she charges RM5.50 for each CKT serving. I didn't dare to ask whats the 6.50 and 7.50 ones are for. I must say, it was pretty good CKT, and I just noticed something different about Penang CKT style of cooking. Its cooked on a Coal Stove, instead of a Gas Stove in KL.

There you go, the finishing touch , and I must have solved the code as to why Penang CKT tastes so good. You need kung fu for this and its captured on Film... The Hand must move fast enough to spread the Kuay Teo evenly on the hot wok, so that they can cook evenly..... wakakakaka....

On a more serious note, I have also received an email asking for a boycott of some coffeeshop in Lorong Selamat, for charging 50sen to patrons who don't order drinks in their kopitiam. The movement was started by Oliviasy.Net.

I've been to this Kopitiam also, nothing good to order from here, and the CKT is from the stalls outside of the restaurant. If you want to boycott the kopitiam, TAPAO la like me.. hehehe...


Anonymous said...

Yumzzzz. Haveb't been there in a long, long time, but everytime i go, i will meet someone from KL! LOL.

I usually go to the corner coffee-shop somewhere in the middle of Carnavon Street. The char koay teow is fried with duck eggs. Richly flavoured. And the coffee shop has the nicest lor bak with the fried 3 layer pork which is crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The next door sells very good koay teow soup too.

Bernsy said...

alamak , Carnavon St, next time gotta get someone to bring me there. Perhaps then when I get lost the next I will find these places again ... kekekeeke