Thursday, July 26, 2007

Restoran Sai Woo @ Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor, the street full of food. But which restaurant serves good food and which doesn't. That night we were walking up from WAW (famed for their delicious BBQ Chicken Wings). We ta paoed, one each and ate our chicken wings as we walked up to scout what/where to eat our dinner. We walked all the way to the other end, stopped by at Loong Kee, and bought our bacon strips. Then we made our way back down.

Sai Woo, is in the middle. We noticed a crowd outside and saw some people actually standing and waiting for their seats. Whoa.. jam packed wo this place (it was about 730pm) and we were getting hungrier by the minute. So we sat down and ordered some stuff.

Char Koay Teo, O Chien, Fried LA-LA.

The Char Koay Teo came first, looks damn good, red color, and I thought for once I get to eat Pg style Koay Teo here. Mana tau, after first bite, then second bite... alamak... the taste a bit off la. So, in the end, we gave up. I give A for looks, D Fail, for Taste....

O Chien Came ( fried oysters) but the taste was so so only.

The fried la la was quite decent la, but we ordered kam heong lala ... ok la.. won't complain so much.

Okay here is the thing, I read in some other online pages, but I tried none of it over here... kekekekeke.... So I will probably go back and try the Pork Mee...

BB Guide - The Sai Woo coffeeshop (Jalan Alor) serves tasty fried tung-fun, with generous portions of vital ingredients like dried prawns and beansprouts.

KampungboyCityGal - few steps after Meng Kee is Restoran Sai Woo, famous for their delicious pork mee suah. Again, we were too early and the piggy is not even slaughter yet.