Monday, July 30, 2007

Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings @ Jln Alor

Yes, this is the place where we began our journey to try out food @ Jln Alor that night. We parked our car at Hotel Novo's carpark and walked up to WAW first. Just ordered 2 pairs of chicken wings, and shared it with Sayang. She happilly chowed down her share.... and she looked so happy after that ( like what chocolate does to a chick !! wakakakaa !!)

Look, its a chicken factory over here. No where else in Malaysia do they churn out so much Chicken wings in one shoplot. This flers should go into Malaysia Book of Records for selling the most Chicken wings in a day.

I remembered the previous visit over here, we had one Crab Dish ( sweet and spicy sauce ) with Roti Bakar - damn chun that dish , One Fried Snails ( Gam Heong ) and of course we also had their chicken wingz. Although a bit pricey but their food was quite good, ada standard punya dei !! Unfortunately, we wanted to try other stalls along Jln Alor, so we took a rain check for WAW's crabs.

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