Thursday, August 23, 2007

Know your Hitzstory - taking stupidity to a new level !!

Every morning we get brain washed as we get stuck in the crawl on the way to the office. Although I only get the last ten minutes of their stupid jokes ( stupids but I likes it)... I have already been brainwashed and now I become a zombie walking around preaching Hitzstory 101.

The Morning Crew: Did you know, in 1957, Hitz.FM was called the Hitz.AM ?
General : OH!!!!!
The Morning Crew: Did you know, in 1957, we Malaysians invented the word etchelli ? Before 1957, the British people use to say , Perhaps, However, etc... [wakakakaka]
General: [refraining from laughing] OH !!!!!!


SC said...

The word "lah" came from a man who liked to eat lalah...and now, you knows

Superman was created by a Malaysian, named SuparmAn, who didn't know underwear is worn on the, you all know

In 1957. Jj was known as Johan and Rudy was known as, you knows

Anonymous said...

Wakakaka... Nows I knows too