Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Jake's Charbroiled Steak

It was 7.7.7 and we have always wanted to go check out Jake's Fantastic Steaks. We were advised to make a reservation, because it was a weekend, and the occasion was a 777. We arrived there about 6 plus almost 7 in the evening. We expected to spend a bit of time looking for parking, but I guess we were lucky. We found one spot, right in front of the Thai Restaurant , on the same row as Jakes.

When we arrived, we were greeted warmly by some usherer. Checked to see if we have had a reservation, we said yes, and she whisked us to our table. Soon after a friendly waiter came by to take our order. He even posed for us.

So, in our booth, we saw one picture of the latest Tun in town, posing with the owners of the restaurant.

We ordered Mexican Nachos , to share between the both of us. We both compared their Mexican Nachos with Fajita Nacho's of Chili's and TGIF, but I guess, over here somehow , maybe and perhaps... you know we just couldn't point our finger as to why their Fajita Nachos weren't so nice, but its not bad..... they're ok.

We ordered our main dishes. Sayang had her Australian Lamb Ribs (, while I opted for a Texan Beef Burger. I must say that was perhaps one of the best grilled lamb I 've had in my life. I was done just nice to our liking, a layer of fat can be seen at the side where the bones and meat met. The grilled lamb then had some mint sauce on top of it. At the side, they put in some standard potato wedges, corn and some carrot slices.

I only managed to get one piece out of that, and I thought , whoaaaa , jiengg!!! Mou Tak Teng !!

My burger came shortly. It looks like a normal burger, with a decent size sesame bun to hold it together. It was accompanied by a few pieces of fresh salad, and some fries. I'd expect something like abit more fries.

So after having been disappointed by the Burger Shack's burger, I didn't suppose anything else could get worse that that. My patty was cooked to Well Done, but not burnt. I thought the patty could have been a little bit fatter. It was a bit too dry for my liking. Oh well, the next time we come back I must go for their Tenderloin Steak... like that baru shock !! hahaha.....

Anyone who comes over here, please try their steaks, and tell me good or not.

The serving was quite big. So we decided to try Chocolate Fudge Brownie Alamode, for dessert. I must comment that their food is okay la, not too bad. Definitely worth coming back to check out their Steaks. I can confirm, if you love LAMB, they do serve some very good lamb.

What was nice, was that, we were attended to , whenever we needed something. The manager is always on the floor asking if the food was alright, explaining to us how the food should be like, etc. The staff were all very very friendly I must say.

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Beans said...

I've tried Jake's once and didn't quite like it. Think for western I'd always go back to a place like Chilli's. Especially for their burgers. Mmmm..