Monday, August 27, 2007

Steak @ Suzi's Corner

When was the last time I had a steak ? [count..count...lost count]

Was at Suzi's sometime earlier this month. It was just an impromptu decision to go over to Suzi's, as I met up with a client and was having a drink at Pelita, near Ampang Point. It just struck me that, the fler is from Penang, tak kan pula I belanja him Nasi Kandar , right ?

So I suggested to him, got one place, Steak very nice... he said ok , why not.. We got up the car, left the car park outside Pelita, and took an inch by inch roll down to Suzi's. It took us 20 minutes.

So its true, Suzi's has become an Expat's mamak. Its good to see those Mat Salleh's letting their hair down, eating food a cheap stalls like Suzi. Really have to go see to believe. I also wondered, why the Mat Sallehs love this place so much.

I went down to Suzi's to try their Steak , so I ordered my steak. My client, ordered his chicken chop and so did my colleague. Mine was a Sizzling Black Pepper Steak (asked to cook to Medium Well).

It didn't feel like we waited very long but the food finally arrives........

I wasn't expecting very much from my steak, especially from a place like Suzi's even though I heard a lot about their reputation of serving mouth watering steaks. Ya but reputations are just reputations, nothing much.

I sliced a piece of my steak, revealling a juicy, really cooked to Medium Well piece of meat. Wow, I am already impressed. However, so , since I am not a steak connoisseur, I don't really know which cut was served. But I happilly chowed down the steak. Gotta say, their sauce is quite good too.

I think the chicken chop is okay, although I usually just never chicken chop when I go out and eat. Good steaks, I must say they tasted above average... what a surprise !!

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boo_licious said...

Ah, that steak looks good! Too bad that day they were closed.

Bernsy said...

good... beary good !!

you must go back and try their steak.... then also tell else is good there .. kekeke

Anonymous said...

Suzi's has some pretty good steaks. Not the BEST steaks in KL, certainly - for that you gotta shell out big $$$, like close to 200 or more for Wagyu beef at Westin or Lafite...but Suzi's are pretty good, esp for the money...I think maybe 30 RM?

Just make sure to go on the right day, since I think the "steak lady" is closed on Mondays or Tuesdays (can't remember)....

-- Anonymous Mat Salleh

Anonymous said...

They are closed every Tuesday. Learnt my lesson about that when i went all the way there looking forward to their smoked salmon and found it closed. Was very disapointed.

And yes, believe it or not they do a mean smoked salmon with a crazy sauce! For a mere 22 bucks!

Oooh you must also check out their mixed grill too! Making me hungry just thinking about it. It has lamb, sausage, steak and a fried egg!I think its about RM25..not bad eh

Think ill go there tonight... oh wait-a-min its Tuesday.. sigh..

Bernsy said...

Mat Salleh - heh , you're right. I agree with you that, you gotta get some really good ingredients to make the best steak. Steaks should be made simple, and the chef has to know to cook those steaks to medium or well done. Most chefs in KL don't ...

Camilia... awwwwwww.... ironic isn't it , I posted this up on FB on a Tuesday... hahahaha

Anonymous said...

For me, medium rare is the way to a wonderful steak, and maybe just some quality sea salt and fresh ground black pepper for a few minutes before grilling. Mmmmm.

One thing I've noticed about many places here, and this is so frustrating, is that you pay big bucks for a piece of meat just a few small centimeters thick. Even at many of the expensive, "high dining" places, you'll pay 100 bucks or more for something maybe 3cm thick -- WTF????

Is it too much to ask for a steak 2 inches thick or more?

This is why I like Suzi's so much -- you order the tenderloin, no sauce, and you get a nice, thick, beautiful cut of meat cooked exactly how you want it.

Anyway, enough ranting for now. I'm leaving work and I'm STARVING!!!

Chris, aka Anonymous Mat Salleh

Bernsy said...

Hi chris,

thanks for dropping by. I know what you mean... shops in kl sort of like hope you might order a second steak or something like that.. hahaha..

I still go back to Chili's or Fridays for some pretty reasonable steaks, a place where you won't complain la, and the pricing there is usually quite reasonable too...

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Ms. Tindall said...

Great blog! I also love Suzi's for the steaks and cashmere naan. See my comments at