Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Curry Mee @ Jalan Kaskas Stall (Tmn Cheras)

Taken from journeymalaysia.com

The stall with a blue tin roof

This place serves the best Hakka Laksa Lemak with cockles in town! Open only at night and closed Wednesdays. The wantan and sui kow with its simple preparations, bring back memories of how purity tastes. The ABC or air batu campur is like what we used to have at the canteens in school years ago. Just lots of shaved ice, syrup, evaporated milk, corn and red beans. That's all we need, right?!

Location: Taman U Lek, Cheras at Lorong Durian

While reading the article, I can't help but wonder, how the writer actually managed to find this stall. In my opinion its definitely not the best curry mee I've had, but I won't say its terrible la. Nevertheless, he wrote enough to stroke my curiosity, that night I went down to that stall...

Their curry noodles, comes with tau fu pok ( something made of soya bean), a few pieces of chicken, taugeh, and cockles. The curry broth was okay la. A little too watery for my liking. I thought the really good curry laksa like the ones served by Red Ginger ( i think its Rm12.90 per bowl), of which those curry is kao kao wan.... but then this stall sells a bowl at RM3.50.

Their Kon Lou noodles were so so only, no wonder the article did not mention this dish. But have to try la. Sayang ordered this, so what she did was, to pinch some of my curry laksa, and added it to her kon lou. Whoa, definitely tasted much better after.. hahaha...

I remembered they used to make very good ABC here. I like my ABC's ice finely shaven, their red beans to be appropriately marinated with sugar,and no peanuts. There must be enough sirap ros, evaporated milk, Coconut Milk should be added if any , and most importantly, there must be enough gula melaka......

That night we visited, there wasn't enough gula melaka.... but it still tasted quite ok. Now this stall also serves, Pan Mee, Ching Tong(clear soup), and various types of kon lou noodles. Their curry mee is pretty good but I am sure its not the best (have had better).


Drive from Loke Yew towards Taman Cheras ( Yulek). Take the Taman Cheras round about, from KL means to take a left. You will reach one traffic lights, keep right , and turn right. Then you will arrive at the BP traffic lights, there you go straight. You can keep left or right, both lanes also can go straight. You will follow that road and you need to drive past 7-11, and the Yulek Market (along the blue highlighted road) until you reach the junction.

Go Look For parking.

Also try the restaurant which opens next to them, Cosy Corner


JenNi Chung said...

hie. thanks for your support in smashpop pimps u contest. i've got 2nd placing. u can now remove the pimp image in your blog. thanks again!

Bernsy said...

I want my website pimped too... badly need it.. can talk to smashpop to pimp my blog ah ?

Anonymous said...

Kakaka...I've been eating here since eons ago. Good food, and good entertainment too, watching the daughter (the cook) arguing with her mum.

Oh yea, you marked the wrong spot on the Wikimap. The spot you marked belongs to Lam Mee stall. This noodle stall is just next to it.

Bernsy said...

Yup, you right. Actually I marked Cosy Corner and their nemesis ( the Yulek Yong Tao Foo celup wan, lol).

But if you go there at night, you probably wont miss it...

Heh, the entertainment bit, is still going on, the daughter is now doing it to her son and daughter , lol !!

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