Tuesday, August 21, 2007

CODO @ MidValley

If you are looking for a nice environment, decent food, and a fairly cheap place to eat, do come to CODO. Its situated on the 3rd Floor of MidValley, and definitely one of those places that I frequent.

I remembered I had dim sum set the first time I ate here. I was quite impressed and somehow there was some kinda draw, and I kept coming back since.

I liked the decor of this restaurant. Its a fusion of chinese, traditional kopitiam and romantic. Plus, this restaurant is situated on top of a busy 3rd Floor Podium area of MidValley, which is not as noisy as the restaurants below. Additionally, you do not get passer by's stopping to watch you eat.

The lighting is dimmer than most kopitiams or restaurants which serves dim sum, but bright enough to take a business associate out for lunch. They also have booth tables which gives you that kind of privacy you wish for a business lunch or a romantic date.

For some reasons which I can't pinpoint at, this restaurant has got a fairly low noise level, which adds to the plus points.

Well, in the most recent visit, we tried their SET Lunch for Two, with Fried Rice, Beef Noodles (phoa - ya quite authentic) and three side dishes. I thought the noodles were pretty good and so was the fried rice ( although not very special). Their side dishes are always very special, but not to be mistaken for being authentically Vietnamese.

Okay, those were the dishes we had recently, but trust me, you should try their Chargrilled Lemongrass Beef. This dish reminds me of Philly Steak marinated with Lemongrass... whoa... jieng !!

The second thing I thought you have to try is their Dim Sum set. It will come with a set of the current favourite items, although you should not expect them to offer you a whole range of dim sum dishes like the usual dim sum place ( etc, Jln Ipoh dim sum restaurants) .

The servings here are usually sized from medium to small. But their pricing is quite decent too. It doesn't cost you an arm and a leg just to try out Vietnamese Fusion food stuff.

And guess what, I have yet to find a negative comment about this restaurant yet.

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