Thursday, August 30, 2007

Restoran Kam's Kitchen

Restoran Kam's kitchen , started off as a little Tai Chow, situated under a huge tree in Kampung Cheras Baru , off Jalan Kuari. To be more exact they were situated only outside of Poh Yep (famous door manufacturer). They opened only at night. They have now moved to the shops next to the big tree now.

Kam's famous for offering simple food which tastes good, small servings, and reasonable pricing. It has become a joint where I could go have a quick dinner with mum and dad. I mean just the three of us, if you wanted a variety of dishes , but don't wanna stuff yourself up too much, this restaurant's the place to eat. A vegetable dish is priced from RM6, meat from RM 8, and fish ( very reasonable).

Usually we'd just come by and order one Vege, one Fish , One Meat, and maybe a Chicken Dish... but two weeks back, we just wanted to try out something a bit special from them.

We ordered a Steamed Cod Fish, Mutton Curry, Nai Yau Prawns, and Fried Brinjal.

We ordered COD fish, because we thought it would be nice to see if they can do fish nicely. It turned to be pretty good. The meat was firm, and the gravy wasn't done badly at all. Have had better, but at this price, I think one of the best.

It was a surprise for me that Mom & Dad decided to order Mutton Curry... I was skeptical as to whether chinese chefs know how to cook mutton or not.. but as it turned out, I thought they could have prepared the mutton a little bit better.

Their Nau Yau Har, was by far the best dish, in terms of taste. The combination of ingredients, definitely make this dish a very appetizing one, unless the cook, dunno how to prepare it. There was only one way to improve on this serving .... bigger prawns.

This pic was a bit blurr, I must have moved my hand . Its one fantastic dish,. I don't really remember what dish they call it, but its brinjal something. Its not a common way to cook brinjal, but the end result... it turned out grreeatt !!

These fellas are not a fancy restaurant, and they do well because they cook decent food, variety, and good pricing (but serving size also smaller).


No 6 Jalan 18, Kampung Cheras Baru
Tel: 012 290 5623, 017 677 3997 ( better bring the phone number in case you need directions)

How to Get There:

Assuming you are coming from MRR2, use the Jalan Kuari roundabout and turn left ( From Ampang ) . Go straight and keep right. You will reach a BP station with traffic lights. Turn right , and go up the hill, and turn left on the second junction. The restaurant should be there.

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