Saturday, August 04, 2007

City Hall bringing down structures in Jinjang...

Sad to say, one of my favourite Maggi Mee Goreng in Jinjang Selatan stall, has been closed down, and I believe it is the work of City Hall. The question is , do you know where this stall is now ? Although the stall has been demolished for like a few months already, I believe it is somehow related to the story below. I hope someone can tell me where if the stall has been relocated...

City Hall: Bring ’em down

RESTAURANT operators in Jinjang Selatan and Jintang Utara new villages are crying foul over City Hall's order to dismantle the extensions to their shops.

Distraught: Liew says City Hall should explain why they wanted the structures down.
They received letters from City Hall since last month saying the extensions were illegal and must be dismantled within two weeks from the dates of the letters or the authority would do it for them.

One of the shops, Lam Seng coffee shop, failed to escape the bulldozers on Aug 1, when his grace period expired.

Federal Territory MCA Youth deputy chairman Yee Poh Ping had earlier sent a letter to City Hall appealing for an extension of the grace period but was rejected.

“Most of the shops have been there for more than 60 years and the structures or canopies were installed to shield customers from rain or shine,” said Yee.

“The structures do not obstruct traffic. No one has ever complained about the canopies. Why does City Hall want to put restaurant operators in such hardship?

“They are only small timers and City Hall should not burden them further,” he added.

Yee said he could understand City Hall's intention to standardise extensions in the city's commercial areas, but such rulings should not be imposed on operators in new villages.

“City Hall should advise them to submit applications to legalise the extensions. Harsh action will result in them losing business, on top of that they have to spend money to rebuild the structures,” Yee said.

Lam Seng coffee shop operator Liew Chee Loy, 46, said City Hall should explain as to why they wanted the structures down.

“The extension has been there for years, even before I rented the shop five years ago. It doesn't obstruct traffic at all, why can't it stay there?” he asked, adding that he could not afford to build another structure and City Hall had not made clear what type of structures would be permitted.

Another operator, Shom Maan, 68, said he had forked out about RM3,500 to replace the zinc canopy with retractable plastic sheets for fear that City Hall would come and demolish the original structure.

“I still don't understand why we couldn't keep the original structures, these plastic sheets are not nice to look at either,” he said.


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