Friday, August 17, 2007

Namewee's New Video is out - Cutegirl

If anyone's been listening to the radio or reading the national papers, you would have heard of this Malaysian kid studying abroad in Taiwan, who allegedly insulted our Country. I only just recently went up to Youtube to watch the entire video and I thought, the mofo is quite funny, and he got his facts quite right about most of the stuff he was rapping about..

[Not: decided not to put that video up , coz sked the LAW might take action but I saw the one with english subtitles !! ]
I gotta say, he made a big mistake by making insinuating remarks about the "Azan". Nevertheless, he has now moved on , after making his video apology also on Youtube, I just saw this new video clip of his.

I think this song is called , Cute Girl ( Ke-Ai de Nui Hai) - soli my mandalin not so powder

So what do you think ? This fler is talented right ?
I think he is talented, but unfortunately stupid. Anyways, good luck to NameWee, should the Malaysian law decide to take further action.


Anonymous said...

Mortals. 1000+ years ago, there is no PA system to broadcast Azan.

Anonymous said...

Oh? I'm not aware of this new work of his, will check it out later.

I thought the Negarakuku was a fine piece of art, albeit insensitive one.

If the Nazri fella want the Cabinet not to forgive Namewee, then maybe we also shouldn't forgive him for waiving the keris and threatening the Chinese!! Grrr...

Bernsy said...

yeah, I totally enjoyed the Negarakuku song... I found it funny, and I could relate to what he is rapping (the English subs were quite and subsequently also read Jeff Ooi's Lyrics post ).

Then you have to check out his FANSITE.

I think this fler is making a name for himself as a musician... and you know la, they all have something in common - stuff worm into own's ass... wakakakaka !!