Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dinner with Sifu Looi @ DU Kopitiam

It was Tuesday night, we went for Shade's class in Uptown . After class we asked, where to find food over here ? He suggested to us the Kopitiam right next to RHB Bank in Damansara Utama (Uptown).

In case you were wondering you might have seen this guy before, click on the video below

He is a Group X Instructor who teaches RPM, Body Attack, Body Combat, and err... Body Jam got ah ? He has been doing quite a few demos lately at various shopping complexes, and I managed to capture a short video of him. Although he hardly blogs nowadays, here is a link to his blog.

What does an Instructor eat after Class ?

Fish Head Bee Hoon, and Lo Bak ( I think that's what it is called). I found the lo bak the stuff on top to be quite okay, nothing to complain really. Alvin also recommended the Char Koay Teo, which was done Penang Style.

So what does the students eat ?

Its kinda weird because I remember he told me, on Tuesdays he's got 3 classes. Combat is in fact immediately after Body Attack. But thats all he ate. We all leh, workout one class that day, this is what we ordered. Sayang asked for CKT (as recommended by Alvin) while I opted for the Banana Leaf Hokkien Mee. We also added on a few sticks of Satay just to test water. Not forgetting the Double Cheeseburger I walloped right before class. No wonder I can't loose those fats even after working out so much....

It didn't take too long for the CKT to arrive. I also took a few bites just to test, and found it quite tasty. That was like one of the best CKT's we tried in DU. I mean, if we were to compare it with the Teppan (Flat Grill) CKT, this one sure beat them flat. Sayang happilly finished all of it (that speaks for a lot for someone who eats so little).

I ordered a banana leaf hokkien mee. Now everyone's probably tried banana leaf rice before, but banana leaf hokkien mee, this must be some gimmick or something la. Actually the banana leaf was really a gimmick, I don't think it actually contributes to how the noodles tasted.

Sayang still preferred her Hokkien Mee @ Online Pub. Oh well I thought this one was quite decent, definitely no complains from me. The lard was not too thick, it was quite sweet, the serving was quite generous for a RM5 plate of noodles, and everything was well cooked.
We also ordered satay from one of the stalls, and found the Chicken to be a tad too dry for our liking. But we still finished all of it.

This kopitiam is in Uptown, right next to RHB Bank, will come back and update on the Addres later.