Monday, September 10, 2007

A Quick Dinner @ Checkers, Bukit Damansara

Usually I will post this like about a month later. But since Sayang oredi posted half the review for me, I might as well do this post, and post the rest later. Sigh! This is the case of spending too much time eating, and less time blogging (muahahaha).

Its funny, we were wondering what to eat as we left gym, and for reasons known only to God, we decided to give Checkers a try. Ecthelli, we've been wanting to come to Checkers, we've been planning, we've been trying and but we've always taken the rain check. Without making a reservation,, we decided to try our luck. We walked into a half full restaurant, and it was only 715pm (please make reservations whenever you come, tel number = 603-20953304, its a blardy small restaurant).

Ok, we walked in, and asked, got table for two ah ?
The boss hesitated awhile, and said, I think we are full , but if you don't mind sitting outside, and leave by 830 ? He smiled...
Ok outside la, no problems...

He recommended us the Porktail Soup, but of course like most of the people who goes to Checkers, they will surely order their BBQ Ribs and Porky's Best.

The Porktail Soup ( about 10 bucks) is cooked like traditional chinese style pork tail soup. Its done with lots of pepper(mask the porky smell), pickled vegetables and tomato (for the sourness), and of course, its main stock being the pork's tail and bones (thinks so gua). Its not served with bread like most restaurants, the soup was great.

Sayang ordered her BBQ Ribs. Her generous offering of those Pork Ribs were accompanied by some mash potatoes and a handsome serving of chick pea salad. She loved her ribs, although she thought her salad could be a little less sour. I didn't really fancy the salad either... I'd prefer just normal garden salad to chow down.. maybe next time can request from the boss just to have garden salad...BBQ Ribs, 35 bucks.

I ordered Porky's Best.. which is actually a combination of some ribs ( I think about 4 or 5 ribs), and piece of grilled tenderloin. The meat was accompanied by a generous serving of coleslaw (as you can on the left, its like mayo blended coleslaw, lol), mash potatoes and one corn cut in half. Sayang said my ribs were abit too dry, and I agree. Luckilly they also put in the plate, a small little saucer of BBQ Sauce and Pork Fats ( I think its Gee Yau...yummy !!). My first few bites made me look for some kinda dip, and when I saw the lard n bbq sauce, I instinctively dipped in my ribs. Gee... it really made a whole lot of difference.

If you wanted to enjoy a glass of wine, you shouldn't hesitate to bring your own ( it says in the menu, Still No Corkage) or you can always ask boss, to recommend a bottle. As for us, we ordered Ice Lemon Tea ( really tasted home made) and Fresh Lime Juice ( blardy kao ), all for about 6 bucks each.

The servings were quite big, but somehow the southwestern style of ribs (smoky bit) and the bbq sauce bit doesn't really appeal so much to me(just me I suppose). Otherwise, I thought they make pretty good ribs(oh well according to specs), the soup was great, and the boss was friendly.

We asked for the bill at about 815pm, paid and left. The boss also asked, whoa so fast ah you all... Ah Bengishly (new adjective) I said, "of coursela... u said 830 ma... "

This fler got an orgasm eating those ribs - sure or not ?
Reflections - a brief intro, about this place
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Anonymous said...

Don't like the dry-type ribs at Checkers or Riblees at Hartamas.

I much prefer the ones at Rib Shack (which some people hate) and definitely the ones at Tony Roma's Singapore!! (Malaysian one no pork, bastiches)

Anonymous said...

ie, the fall-off the bone, drenched in glorious BBQ sauce type

Bernsy said...

u just ignited my interest about ribshack... never heard of this place before...

I actually prefer my ribs to be a bit sweeter as compared to smokier ones.

Actually the fall of the bone types also nice.. where's this place ?

Anonymous said...

Rib Shack is behind Victoria Station in Damansara.

Warning though, some people hate the smallish portion.

But I like the food. The wine selection is pretty good too, I just got a cheapo glass of wine.

Or, If you're still up for it, after Rib Shack, go down a few doors to Vintry. Order 100gm or 200gm of their Roast Pork (siu yoke) and indulge in your wine there. OMG. It's pretty good, does not taste fatty.