Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh I Finally Did It

I have been wanting to do this, but did not get myself to do it until just now.

I finally put up a blogroll of most of the influential food bloggers list, and will continue to update them as I meet more of you guys. Its essentially gonna be easier for me in the future to search for references, and so forth.

A lot of you take very good pictures of food.

A big thanks to Tankiasu and Joe, must give credit to you , I pinched most of the links from your blogs.. :D


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ahah thanks..ur welcome..good stuff coming along!

Jason Lioh said...

Eek! I am in the food bloggers list! Eek! Thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

i've been to your blog , and you mumble bout nothing but food what(most of the time la) , rite ?

Jason Lioh said...

Haha. Well, that I got to agree also but then I don't fulfill the requirements of a food blogger like including the address of the restaurant, price and certain details where the food bloggers community drafted. :P

But yeah, I love to eat, just like all food bloggers. LOL.

Anonymous said...

wakakakaka !! drafted.. I didn't know about nevermind la, my blog also celup wan...kkekekeke