Monday, September 03, 2007

Today's Lunch Idea (Tapao from Jusco Selatan)

this made my head turn, lol

Its just one of those days, you really have no mood to eat nearby your office. So for lunch I took a 5 minute drive (still nearby) to Jusco Selatan to look for food. Its quite common for office folks to just go tapao food from a food stall, because they lazy to eat outside, or because its smoky, and stuff y in some kopitiams.

So instead of walking out and bringing food back, why not just buy food from a Supermarket and bring it back and enjoy them in the comfort of your office (provided ur boss allows it lo).

Teriyaki Roasted Whole Chicken, Guava Juice and One Big Apple, all for only RM14. Luckilly for me, by the time I got back, my boss was still around in the office, so he shared the whole chicken with me. Wakakaka, otherwise sure tak jadi want to eat healthy.

To me that was a good lunch, I had my proteins, some fats, and a healthy dose of Vitamin C to help combat my sore throat. :D


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

good healthy stuff..a whole chicken though was ambitious..thank god for ur boss eh..i think u shud hav added a pre-packed green salad with that chicken..would be perfect!

Anonymous said...

Yeah man, he's on a diet too. My exact words were, thank god you havent eaten yet, otherwise I'd have to finish the whole chicken. Then he said, luckilly u bought one whole chicken, otherwise he'd gone out and ordered a whole bunch of stuff to