Friday, September 07, 2007

Restoran Sin Hoi Kee @ Kuala Lipis

This has got to be one of my favorite places to eat whenever I come down to Kuala Lipis. Unfortunately for me, I am with my malay colleague or with a customer, most of the time I am in Lipis. As such, opportunities to eat here comes only once in a blue moon.

To get there, just drive into Kuala Lipis town and you will see it. Its right in the middle of town. Or if you still need help, just drive to a place called Centerpoint, and ask for KFC.

What's special over here ?
They have got stock for Wild boar meat, everyday of the year. Unlike restaurants in KL, they have a steady supply of this exotic meat. That night we ordered, Black Pepper Wild Boar Meat. Of course you can always ask for Spring Onion and Ginger Wild Boar Meat, or their specialty, Wild Boar Curry ( I have tasted all of them, and they all turned out very nice.)

I do not know how they prepare it, but the meat is always well cooked (important), and tender.
Usually when we eat here, its only a colleague and myself, just two fellas. So can't order much. The belacan choi Tam (Brussel Sprouts ?) we ordered, came out very nice. It has got a good mix of good and fresh belacan, garlic, onions, and dried shrimp.

The third dish that we ordered was the Telapia. To most of us in KL, this fish can be terrible. I mean this fish can taste like it swallowed a ton of mud, hence the mud taste in the meat. The telapias here didn't give a hint of mud, and tasted quite nice. No fishy smell, thumbs up to the way this restaurant prepares their fish.

Everything here tasted like home cooked food. I mean its tasty, the cooks here are not heavy on ingredients like salt, sugar, and MSG.

What else can I say, the pricing here is also very very reasonable. I recommend anyone to come drop by this restaurant if you are passing by Kuala Lipis.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

Since Jenny asked where this place is I might as well put up a map of Kuala Lipis. I pinched it off Hotel Centrepoint's website , which is why the directions actually will lead you to centrepoint.


Anonymous said...

aiya..I dont know how to go to kuala it in Negeri 9 ?

Bernsy said...

sorry la, its in Pahang. Siti's home town, and also , if u wanted to go to Tmn Negara, you can also go thru K Lipis. If you are going to gua musang, you will drive past this little town.

I have attached a map

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

so far..but wild boar meat sounds like a great idea..and yeah its hard to get around the kl area..

Bernsy said...

if any of you guys are going to gua musang , or on the way to Taman Negara, via Kuala Tembeling (thats 25 minutes from K Lipis) do drop by for lunch / dinner. Promise they wont dissapoint you.

Oh ya, they also offered me some nice fish, but was afraid too expensive, so we just took a rain check, and settled with telapia instead.