Thursday, September 06, 2007

Chicken Rice (HALAL) @ Spices of Malaysia, The Mines

I went back to Spices of Malaysia again. Its a food court located in Mines Shopping Fair@ Sungai Besi, Sri Kembangan, Balakong. a newly renovated food court, with nice new furniture, adequate air conditioning. Important thing is that , it also has got a lot more space, and definitely looks a lot cleaner than the old foodcourt, we used to have to wait for a table now there is ample seats. You can say, its a world apart comparing the new and the old.

So what do you do when you see a few chicks hanging around ? For me, my head will turn and then I will go check them out. Wakakaka, you see those chicks hanging around below , lol !

Its a halal chicken rice stall, which means their char siu is also made of chicken. Their siu yuk substitute is Fried Chicken.

I circled the stalls of Spices, and in the end I came back to this one. The char siu chicken, looked very inviting. The "fried chicken" rice, also looks damn good. When I walked past, those chicks were practically calling out to me.... I gave in and ordered.

This is new to me. This chicken rice stall , can ka liu wan (add stuff). I added an extra egg, and extra vegetables. Its quite important to eat enough fibre. I ordered char siu chicken.

If I had a choice, I would have gone for the real char siu, but too bad, this place is halal. Not sure if they have a sign that says it is, but plenty of malay folks come here for lunch. Everything turned out quite good, except that the oily rice could be prepared much better. I only finished half the rice but chowed down everything else.

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Anonymous said...

Geez.... how can chicken rice not go with siu yuk (roast pork)???

Halal chicken rice shop is not for me. :)

You got a nice food blog.