Wednesday, April 25, 2007 Part 3

That is theorectically how my fever started, for those who asked. I got bitten by that aedes mozzie. Where did I get bitten ? Seriously it could have beeen anywhere. Doctors were telling me it takes the virus 7-10 days of incubation before the host shows the first signs of fever. But on countback, I was probably still in Korea at that time. Maybe less time, then I could be in Pahang, in Kuala Lipis when I was bitten.

Thursday 1130am, 19th April 2007.

I was already home after the trip to the clinic, already in bed trying to sleep. The phone rang and minutes later, my dad came into the room. Pack some clothes, you are getting admitted to the Hospital. The blood test results showed your platelet levels dropping alarmingly.

Tiu !! Can't sleep have to go hospital somemore.

Packed clothes for 2 days, and of we went. Sayang who happened to be on a half day was already here when we were ready to go to the hospital. We were both seated calmly in the living room waiting for dad to send us to the hospital. We had already decided Pantai Cheras since it was only a stone's throw away from the house.

My face did not show any emotions, I was too tired to emote. We went to see the admitting Doctor, then got admitted.

Day 1 in the Hospital.

Doc: There is no cure for dengue fever. So it is up to your own body to fight the virus. We can only monitor and provide symptomatic treatment. So enjoy your stay with us, and please eat as much as you can, and eat what you like.

Very nice welcoming speech I thought, but if i wanted to enjoy my stay here I'd have gone on a holiday. Some doctors are full of shit. Some are just being nice, but I think this fella will try to help me.

I got admitted, and the first thing they gave me was an IV ... a mix of Saline and Saline/Glucose liquids. My fever wasn't subsiding , and not long after, it was time for dinner already. I ordered something with porridge. I ate it up, but it tasted like shit. First impression , the food here tasted like shit. Probably shit tasted better.

My mouth was dry, smelly and dry ( not salivating). Even when food arrived, your mouth supposed to salivate right, mine remained dry. How to eat ? Take two spoons of anything, and I feel like vomitting. Drink also feel like vomitting.

That night everyone stayed until 930 ( end of visiting hours). I pity Sayang, tired yet stay until so late. I was trying to sleep with everyone around me trying to take care of me. My Fever never subsided even when after they gave me the meds. I did not remember much about my stay in the hospital , except that I had a lot of time looking at the ceiling.

It doesn't get easier to sleep at night, because the nurses would come in and check your temperature every hour. Blood pressure also check. My temp did go up to 40.5 C. I never remembered ever having a fever that high, or ever touching 40C before. This must be my first time. It felt like shit, and nobody was around to sponge me, neither did I ask the nurses to give me a wet cloth to put over my forehead. * Now I am wondering why *

Day 2: In the Same bloody hospital

I must have been up since 6am, I woke up and laid on the hospital bed and stare at the ceiling. I put my hand across my forehead, hmm... still got fever. I was feeling abit hungry but had no food to eat, so I poured myself some water and drank it up. My mouth was dry, got to have some water to wet it abit. My lips were dry too, in fact, my lips were cracking.

Just a little over 8am , someone from the Pathology Department came in with a lab coat, took my blood sample and went off.

I couldn't adjust my body so i could sleep sideways, because in that position I feel like vomitting. So it was just one position, lying on my back looking straight up. Breakfast was served at about 830am, the medicine was already placed on the overbed table. 2 Panadols, 1 Pharmaton Caplet, 1 Anti Gastric Pill or something like that. What's for breakfast ? Breakthru Bed by Gardenia , Milo O, jam and butter. I took half a piece of bread only, drank 2 sips of the Milo. I was already ready to vomit, so I told myself, take it easy on the food la.... don't eat wont die wan, got IV mah.

9:00am, I was thirsty , so I drank some water. Next thing I know, my stomache voluntarilly reversed everything I did earlier. Nice I saw only water coming out, apparently the bread didn't come out.

Strangely enough I do not have much recollection of my roommates during my first night's stay at the hospital. Oh ya there was this Malay guy who had gastric, he borrowed my phone charger. Then there was this Indian guy next to me, who'd... I don remember what his problem was, but also borrowed my phone charger too. Mom and Dad came by just before lunch was served. I think some kinda porridge I think. The food was fucked up ... nothing much to promote.

It felt like I was eating the prison food or something like that. Oh well at least, prisoners there have curry and rice right ? I only get porridge, chicken which smells and fish porridge which only has ginger strips in them. Yucks !!!!

So take a look at their website : Pantai Cheras Website
So impressive, in my opinion that is more like over selling and over pricing of your services.