Monday, June 25, 2007

Ampang Homeland Yong Tau Foo

Ampang Homeland Yong Tau Foo @ Sunway

The old Ampang town, is synonymous with Yong Tau Foo. So for most of us, we just take it for granted that the best YTF must come from Ampang. So I hope this post will make you think differently.

We were on one of our road trips after visiting SisInLaw (was pregnant ) in Sunway, so decided to pop by that area to look for something nice to eat. We saw the main food court near Pyramid...nah no parking .. we saw some Mamaks... nah... also spotted a few small cafes, but one restaurant caught our eye, as we rolled our vehicle down that street. Ampang Homeland YTF !!! So we found a parking spot ( note: Finding a spot to park your car can be tricky )

This place really different. Its brightly lit, its chairs and tables are similar to those you find in those standard kopitiams ( decent la). The menu lain sikit. Here they don't sell you YTF by the piece, like most of them do. It comes in a set of minimum 5 pieces. Of course on the menu they also serve Assam fish, Pandan Chicken, Sui Kao ( soup dumplings) , Lettuce in Oyster Sauce, Pork Leg Vinegar , etc....

Being a mass produced piece of YTF, how good do you think it can get ? The servings are definitely getting smaller and smaller these days. Must be because of inflation, and a million other excuses they can find la. Taste wise I think they are ok. I mean its not bad at all, can pass... The restaurant is nicely decorated, it looks clean, you don have flys bugging your food and the service was quite adequate. I think all in all this place is not bad after all.

They serve pretty big pieces of sui kao. The clear soup has a lot of ajinomoto too. I know some people who loves their dumplings and soup. Hehehhe, I am not one of them.

Our choice for the better YTF is the Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo.

So I assume this Ampang Homeland Branch : Sunway should/ by right taste the same as the others. I am not sure. But all the rest of the bloggers actually made the pilgrimage to Old Town Ampang to taste the real deal. Perhaps I should also go try, hmm !! the last time I ate there was actually some 7-8 years ago. But I recently drove past the place and found the place to have very terrible parking problems, and to get there , you will have to go through a terrific jam.

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Anonymous said...

makes me drooling liao la.
i think it has been a decade since the last time i had ytf at ampang la hehehe.