Monday, October 29, 2007

Nasi Daging Kepala Batas @ Kafe & Restoran Tanjong (Bangi Sek9)

I was wondering around Bangi Seksyen 8 , looking for food. As I was driving around this area, I saw a big plywood with "Nasi Daging" spray painted on it. So I followed that sign which led me to this outlet. Tanjong. I parked my car, and snapped a pic of it. Impressive sign, but location wise, you can't see this from the main road. Its just a turn off @ Bangi Seksyen 9, to the left of the main road, if you are coming from Kajang Country Heights going towards Bangi.

I had a feel that this restaurant is still new, judging from plywood signs, and the barren interior of this restaurant. I walked in with my camera out, I easilly took about 10 pics of this place. The manager, did not really mind that I was taking pictures rather than ordering my food.

So they have mixed rice.... curry fish head...

They have curry chicken, beef....

Ulam, some kinda spiced fried fish..... but I saw one banner inside this cafe, it read Nasi Daging Kepala Batas... ok I must try that...

I was curious what Nasi Daging is, so I ordered it. It came shortly with somekind of fried rice or nasi tomato (can't be sure), a few pieces of beef , which was quite tender, acar timun and some curry ( instead of dalcar like those they give in beriani gam).

The food tasted a lot better than it looked, I vouch for that. It doesn't really look like much, but their beef was quite tasty... the rice was nothing special, but I am not complaining about it either. Its pretty decent.

I paid RM7.80 for the Nasi Daging and slightly less than RM2 for the drink.

I must say, this area is quite secluded, althought it is just one turn off from the main road. To get better directions, call Roslan.... and do drop by this cafe whenever you are in Bangi....

Roslan Eusof - 017 296 2387

8-G-1, Jalan Medan PB2A,
Pusat Bandar Seksyen 9,
Bandar Baru Bangi,
43650 Selangor