Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Creampuffs @ Beardpapa , MidValley

My first ever experience of eating Beard Papa's was some time back, and thought they were quite delicious to say the least. My instant reaction was, " This is good shit man !!", language wise, totally unappropriate, but the expression was.
Since I did not suffer from emotional setbacks, hormonal unbalance that causes be to crave for Sweet stuff, it took me about one year later from that incident to actually walk up to their outlet @ Mid Valley, and very blurly went, eh , Beard Papa's is here leh... My sayang's face went =.=
"Its been here for ages la... "

I remembered the cream puffs were great. Some more they claim to be the world's best. We bought one cream puff to share, and was duely rewarded for it. Its really nice, as it has the crispy crunch on the outside and the moist and softness of its pastry on the inside. The puff will bring you to another place when you sink your teeth in, the cream flooding your tastebuds and all. ( not sure where it will take you but when I opened my eyes, I was still in MidValley !!) wakakaka....

I find their moist chocolate cake, not sure if it is the real name to be much better shit ( excuse my language) than their cream puffs. It doesn't have the crunchy exterior but the richness of its molten chocolate on the inside, fuah... reminds me of Fatboy's Chocolate cakes... yummy !!

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KA said...

CNY over lorr, time to burn all those calories off lorrr

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah its damn shit good rite! i totally agree!

Bernsy said...

andy - not back @ Gym yet....

joe - hor sai !!

yammylicious said...

HEART CREAM PUFFF ALOT ALOT.. oh ya RT pastry cream puff not bad too! =)

gong hei Fatt Choi to u!