Monday, February 18, 2008

Amy Yip Big Pau @ Onn Kee , Taman Connaught

Recently, the HK movie industry has been embroiled in another Sex Scandal, involving one male artiste and many other Celibaties. Believe me you in time to come, people will start serving up food named after celebrities.

Hahaha.. can you imagine eating Edisen Banana Splits ? At least Gillian Chung, and the likes of Cecillia Cheung doesn't have to. wakakaka.. Word has it, Maggie Q is also apart of the scandal.

Lets not get bothered with this scandal, we rewind back to the 80s, if anyone remembers Amy Yip. She is regarded as the Dolly Parton of the East. Huge tits, and small little waist, and they both claim to be natural.

In Taman Connaught, there is one stall that specializes in selling Paus, and dim sum. Amy Yips Big Paus its called. Its really amazing, so I decided to put this Pau on a weighing scale.

It weighs 660grams, 1.1 katis. Thats like really huge for a Pau.

Putting it down and taking a picture of it, it looks like a mountain of dough.

Just to illustrate the size of this thing, I tried to cover it up with my hands. Its about the size of a size 4 football (futsal size ball), oh well half of it anyway. Still big for a pau.

After having all the fun with it, we decided to eat it. Haha, I know thats Amy Yip's big paus, but I bought it to eat them. Lol..... The filling's made of chicken, although I'd actually expected it to be pork. It looks like those Sang Yuk pau kind of filling except that its made of chicken. Not as sweet and rather bland.

To summise, this fler, looks big only. Taste wise, I'd go for a small little Char Siew Pau anytime. Even Pau Ahmad's Beef Pau is made better than this. My mom thinks its difficult to make a pau hold itself together if its too big. One of these big paus, costs about Rm4. Along with these paus, the stall also sells all kinds of dim sums, and pastries.

Let me warn you though, most other blogs think or imply that these pau is great, a favorite or something like that, my summary will be :

Nice To See,
Nice To Hold,
YOu can Gawk at it,
but it ain't nice to eat.

(even Sayang was like, whoa... so big one ah.... , my reply was, yeah thats what most people say about Amy Yip's assets. )

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Anonymous said...

sms me after working hours if u are dropping by sungai buloh..i treat you to another version of Amy Yip's big pau...


HairyBerry said...

yupe, tried amy yip's big pau b4 when i was a young feeling leh...tasted like a blend of necessary and unnecessary you said lor, big only...hehe

now, i cant really associate the pau with any of the anatomy so wrinkled...yucks...

TNS said...

so, is it nice?

Bernsy said...

Nice to See, Nice to Hold,
Once you bite in it,
Its maybe not so nice...

wmw said...

It's just a big lump of processed meat in it...never again for me after just one time :o)

Bernsy said...


Yes I agree with you totally... hehehe