Monday, May 12, 2008

Kampung Attap Fish Head Curry @ Gerai Zabrullah

This is perhaps one of the most talked about Fish Head curry in town. For one, it is located right smack in the middle of town, but not exactly a very visible or a well known place. Kg Attap is not exactly a place most "out of towners" would like to go wandering about, because there really isn't much to see there except for this Gerai Zabrullah.

It must have been until quite recently that this Gerai Zabrullah, was a little stall, that operated under one of those huge trees, in one of the corners of Kg Attap. They have since moved to a new Corner Shop right next to their original location. People are still wondering if this shop is from the same proprietor or this is another case of a COPYKAT restaurant... ITS the same one....
We ordered quite a few dishes since they were seven of us. I really dislike these restaurants because of their long rectangular tables, synonymous to most non-Chinese eateries. It you eat in a group of more than 5 persons, you have to order 2 servings. Like lets say you got 6 flers eating with you, you go for 3 and 3.

Anyway back to our Kari "Kepala Ikan Merah", I mean it wasn't bad. The fish head was huge and yet the meat / skin is not tough. Bau hanyir pun tak ada. It must be due to the generous amount of spices, and curry powder they use to cook this curry. Now unlike chicken or smaller fish, these huge ones can't be overcook, otherwise it gets too tough. Their curry I categorize them under sour and spicy, and not too HOT. Its nice, plus the fish is neither smelly nor tough.
I didn't know this ayam goreng is called the ayam goreng madu, as I read from Joe's blog. But looking at the amount of ayam they were gorenging all the time, its a good sign that, thats a hot item there, so ordered only. To say the least, the chicken came smoking and vaporing. It was crispy, aromatic, juicy and moist. Most importantly, it was thoroughly cooked. No bloody stains on their bones...
This Cili Bawang is a must have. Its a mixture of green chillies, onions, sweet soya sauce and lime. A superb combination to have when eating fried / roasted stuff.

When it comes to recommendations, this Squid Curry dish, is no exception. Of course, you don't have to makan hidang like this, because you can always go for a single serving of dishes like in Mixed Rice stalls.

This place serves up some seriously good food. The pricing can be quite expensive when you go for a Fish Head. But I think a serving of fish head comes at a minimum of Rm25 for two persons. The rest can be quite reasonable.

Joe's Cravings
KY Eatz There also

Gerai Zabrullah
Jalan Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012 329 8515
012 9040 100
012 220 2041


HairyBerry said...

nampak sedap hor!

have you tried kari kepala ikan sentul? used to be my place for good curry fish head until it got a bit expensive...

Babe_KL said...

aiks shifted d? means so long i hvnt visited hehehe. btw dat one is ayam goreng. ayam madu is basically fried chicken cooked in sticky sweet honey sauce :D

boo_licious said...

wow, they moved into a shop? I love the stall though. My fav place for ayam madu.

Bernsy said...

nic - which shop in sentul ? gotta go try, althogh I am not a big fan of eating curry fishhead...

babe - oh.... then my one is ayam goreng... the second time i went back oso din try the ayam madu yet.

Boo - recently moved... becoz the shop looks new still

Raymond said...

i've been here before ^_^ Been there a couple of times but frankly i think the quality of food had dipped abit...and the service is sometimes frustrating, but u will have to give and take i guess coz it isn't a poshy restaurant...but still worth a try u anyone had tried it b4!!!

Unknown said...

Don't eat before you ask the price.I was charged Rm70 for a small portion.beware.