Monday, May 05, 2008

Nam Heong Chicken Rice @ Petaling Street

It can be quite fun if you can afford the time to go back to the origin of Nam Heong Chicken rice. It felt like it was some kinda pilgrimage of some sort. It can be quite nostalgic if you know what I mean. After so many years of eating their chicken rice at that particular stall, they suddenly turned themselves around, over the last few years, and opened up so many branches, now you can eat Nam Heong, in your favorite shopping Mall, like MV, Sg Wang, etc....

We were in Petaling Street, and decided to pop by this shop. After all its, Sayang's fav chicken rice place. So we walked, and realized, every thing has changed. Its facade is consistent with its new branding and image. I remember it used to be dark, no air conditioning and such.
When I come to Nam Heong, I always thought their main attraction are their sauces, Chili and Ginger. To me thats a classic sauce, original to the max. Not many restaurants make them better than the way they do it.

We ordered a plate of Chari Siu , Siu Yoke to share. Hoping that it was world class, it was not. Just like any other plate of Char Siu , Siu Yoke, which is quite average. The best char siu in Klang Valley still goes to Uncle Bill's.
Sayang ordered her Roast Chicken while I opted for Hainanese White chicken. When I was a lot younger as a kid, I hated the taste of White Chicken. If not prepared well, the smell of the chicken can be unbearable. Which is why, the chili sauce is made of chili, garlic, vinegar, lime and sugar. It helps take away the smell of the chicken.

Fortunately the smell that I mentioned earlier is not found on their white chicken. So I happilly gobbled up my portion. Sayang, on the other hand prefers Roast chicken anytime.

Any good meal should be accompanied by some fibre. We ordered this old time favourite, Cabbage in Onion Oil.

To sum up, we had a fabulous lunch, in a nostalgic trip back to the first Nam Heong branch. I found it difficult to diffrentiate the taste between this outlet with the one in Mid Valley (which we recently went to).

Nam Heong Chicken Rice
56, Jalan Sultan
56000 Kuala Lumpur



wmw said...

Good 'ol days. I usually order the beef brisket with radish here but that was many years ago!

J2Kfm said...

aiks, y no chicken rice one? :)
the cabbage in oil looks, erm ..oily enough?

choi yen said...

I also like white chicken wing :)

Smiley said...

I used to like it years ago. The last few times that I had was pretty disappointing. We went to the SS2 branch. We don't go there anymore. The one in Mid-Valley is not so bad.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nothing like a good plate of chicken rice..then again..i avoid franchises...always look very suss..then again, petaling st u say? maybe diff, if i can get thru the hassle of finding parking n walking