Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Modesto's Hartamas and their giant Pizza

I wasn't sure why the both of us were not working that day, but we weren't. Its hard to find the both of us not working on a weekend, much harder to find us like this on a weekday. Anyways, we went to hartamas and started wondering, eh makan apa... we thought why not go check out Burger King. But parking was lousy there, and we spotted free parking for Modesto's customers only.

The next thing we know, we ordered a GIGANTOUS Pizza, and the free appetizer was Pizza Bread. It tasted like chicken biscuit, yummy..... we were both very hungry but had to wait quite some time before our pizza arrived.

When the pizza arrived, we looked at each other, and for only God knows, why we ordered this huge pizza. I saw Modesto asking the waiter, dei who ordered this Pizza la... then I saw the pizza point towards us, before he continued to walk towards our direction. hahahaha... This was the Hawaiian Pizza half, with chicken and pineapples.

We ordered a seafood something pizza for the other half. They had capsicums, squids, shrimps but most annoyingly they also had crap sticks. Since when was crap stick, seafood ?Overall the pizza was huge, you can have a spoon and a tabasco bottle to judge its size. Luckilly we found out that the pizza was 1/2 priced for lunch, so we found really good value at Modesto's. Food wise, I think comparable with Pizza Uno, which wasn't exactly great, but at least it was good value.

Address and contact details:

Address: Lot 46652 off Jalan Bukit Kiara Sri Hartamas 50480 K.L.
Telephone: 603 - 6201 7898
Fax: 603-6201 5779

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wmw said...

Luckily it was a thin crust pizza, you both finished it right? ;o)

HairyBerry said...

dude, that is one HUGE pizza for 2! haha!

wah, i cannot remember the last time i step into modesto's d..be it for food or clubbing...hehe

Bernsy said...

wmw - i finished it :P, with her help of course, wakakakaka

nic - wei singapore got a lot more nicer places to go clubbing man. The pizza is really quite average, but at half price , i can see the value.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

its only thin crust..if not big how to be full wor..and quite thin too!

choi yen said...

luckily it's only thin crust~~ So did both of u finished it or tapao at last~~

Bernsy said...

it was huge, no doubt. At first thought, sei lah, have to tapao this time, but i managed to put most of it into my tummy...