Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hoo Yee Kee Prawn Mee @ Kepong Baru

I wonder why I have never blogged about Hoo Yee Kee before although we have been there like at least 10 times last year. KL is definitely not famous for coming up with really good prawn mee, oh well, not as good as the ones you can find @ Burma Rd, Penang, or 3rd Street, or the McAllister Rd Prawn Mee which I rave about so much.

My take on HYK prawn mee, is that, it's a stall that serves up a half decent bowl of Prawn Mee, for people in KL. If a restaurant like Oldtown can serve prawn mee like this in KL, HYK's prawn is like 10 times better.

This time we came over with Steve, who also knows this place very well. He ordered this bowl of Prawn Mee, Koay Teo , add Pork. If not mistaken this bowl is for RM9. Its a generous serving of extra pork there, and this stall also don't seem to stinge on giving noodles.

Sayang and I both opted for bee hoon, with extra Clams. Yummy.

To sum up, this place serves a decent prawn mee. A standard bowl of prawn mee costs, RM4.50, and should you want to customize and add more stuff like extra ribs, extra prawns, seafood, etc you can do so.

They also serve other types of noodles like lum mee, curry mee, etc.

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Gerai 7A, Jalan 29,Kepong Baru,
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +6019 - 318 1533
Operation Hours: 24HRS


choi yen said...

I think their prawn mee is a bit overpriced :(

HairyBerry said...

oh, is this the place where they decorate with yellow tents one ar? i pass by in the wee hours of the morning and still got lights one.

hmmm, maybe it's time to try. i still like champ's prawn mee! heheh...

Bernsy said...

mimi - ;) abit overpriced, RM4.50 maybe extra 50 sen. But other places prawn mee maybe not as nice leh.

Nic - champs prawn mee is different dei, different price range all. I'd go for Champs Pork Noodles but its RM15 one bowl , walane...

KA said...

how the heck do you find more food than my TheStar's Hawker food book?

Anonymous said...

champs so expersive RM 20! if i go outside can eat 4-5 time, also same thing, i think the boss is crazy from making money so idiot. beside the food also taste no so good [like c], the place also smell [like pasar smell] ,service no good always ask for tips ,cheating people money place beside the seafood also not fresh [got smell] and ask for more soup also had to paid RM3 for than lousy soup, better go to little penang or madam kwan! hate it!