Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Time to Sweat iT Out !!

Its been 2 months since I last went for a check up for my BMI and Body Fat % measurments. It says here my weight is now 81.4kg, BMI is 26.0 and Fat% 23.8. Phew last year this time around I was 90+kg, and 45% BF. I think it is quite an achievement comparing how I was like , last year. Money well spent. So this is for my EX-Colleague who laughed at me when I said my new year resolution was to loose 20 lbs. I lost 30 pounds instead, hahaha.

Its been quite a year, come to think of it. Firstly, when I first joined the gym, I never thought I'd be loosing so much weight. Not in my wildest imagination would I think I'd loose those pounds. Credit has to go to the new bunch of gym friends I met at Fitness First Leisure Mall. King Wai was the first guy I knew, and I approachd him because after one month in the gym, I watched him loose those pounds. He was one determined muthafucka, who was in the gym every evening I was there. After getting to know King Wai the gang slowly took shape. Now I must say the Body Combat group, after one year, has remained the same gang. Marcus, Ben, King Wai, Me, Karen (used to be now too busy), Sheau Wei, Ivy, hmm.. and many more.

The instructors were of course very very friendly. I first started off Body Combat with Crystal and Janice, the Two Killer Bitches who were like killing my fats. Janice now in Jakarta Fitness First, and Crystal in SPK, comes for one class a week at Leisure Mall, although she can still be spotted in Leisure Mall once in a blue moon on non class days. Not to forget, Shades, the most Bin Tai instructor I know and by far the most friendly one, and recently we got Calvin (C) the funny guy. All great guys I must say.

23.8% is where I am now, I believe I have to go to 20% and maintain there. Oh well, it is time to sweat it out and I will continue with my 4 to 5 day week program. Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Attack and RPM, all these programs, all class programs seems to fit me very well. Mostly cardio classes, even Pump which requires weights, is said to be a cardio program too.


Hmm, no complete workout program comes without its diet program. For mine, what have I done the past year ? I have definitely been eating different. Firstly, I did without eating after dinner, which meant, supper is a no- no. No more maggi mee gorengs, roti canais , thosais, etc during the mamak session. Cut down my Carb intake tremendously. Breakfast, is carb time, Lunch, occasionally I will eat some rice ( can't avoid eating right, when you doing lunch with your client), and dinner time, half a bowl of rice max. Makan lauk lo, if hungry. Still eat a lot though, only less rice is the main theme the whole past year. Simple and easy. Once a day, is my Fong Gam day. Eat anything I like.

Thats the secret. Nothing else. Oh ya, the other factor is the determination and telling myself to push it in class. Don slack in class, besides, money already pay, why don you go workout ? Thats how I did it, no starving my self shit, would work for me. Now time to sweat it out for the last 4%, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel !

PS SOrry ar if I left out some people's names, then you know who you are... waakakaka

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