Thursday, November 09, 2006

Paparazzi Moment

I think a few months ago, I received a SMS which goes like this,

"From today onwards, Datuk K will deposit all his mani into Sitibank "

Guess what, not in my wildest dreams that one day I might just sit right outside of Siti's house and snapping a picture of it too. But of course I had the best excuse to do it, my client who was sitting next to me in the car, had attempted to locate her Mansion for a year now. So finally after one try I located her mansion to his delight, first thing he asked for is to have this picture taken.

Anyways, this town Kuala Lipis has not much excitement or attractions in it. You know why ? They have a stone that reads, Rumah Siti Nurhaliza. How lame can a town be ?

Well nothing much to do nevermind lo, but this place has got some really good restaurants. Famous for Ikan Patin here, and also the availability of Ikan Kelah, well I have never heard of this fish until I came here. Apparently a fish which has thick juicy sweet flesh, and doesn't smell.

Oh well, I hope to blog the day I sink my teeth into some Ikan Kelah flesh and take a pic to show it. It is said to cost about Rm300/kg, but the think is, whether you can find the restaurant that sells it and cooks it well.


SC said...

I saw Datuk K in MId Valley today, buying new fast picah oredi ? *snigger*

Bernsy said...

Who asked him buy made in china punya furniture wo... buylah furniture made from Balak fell from Kuala Lipis punya hutan.. kekekeke