Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Wedding Day To Remember Part 2

It was quite an ordeal to go thru, the Five Tasks... actually only four.

oh ya the fifth one was reserved for Yew Meng
E) GIVE ANG POW... (Lets watch the Video and see when he decides to come out with the Arsenal... heh...

So we made it through the final hurdle, the Bride decided it was enough, she was kept in her room away from her darling for so long, hmm it must have been tormenting. Enuff is enuff.... she opened the door and in went Yew Meng, who couldn't wait to unveil his bride and kiss her (listen to the Tai Kam, wakakaka ).

Okay so that was it, they went on downstairs to do the TEA Ceremony which went on forever, while we waited outside and had our breakfast, Fried Bee Hoon, Curry Chicken and Red Bean Porridge. It really took them quite a while to finish the Tea Ceremony, she must have had a lot of relatives. Anyway by the time they were to ready to go over to Yew Meng's we were already quite tired fromt the lack of sleep and heat from the morning sun. Already waiting in the car and managed to snap this photo
So we went back to Yew Meng's where we had a quick TEA Ceremony with all the relatives from his side, and everyone chowed down lunch, His Mom made Nasi Lemak, nice... with some Fried Chicken and Curry from some Kampung Pandan mamak. The bestest was still the Roast Pig, yums....

By 1pm we all went home. I got home, showered and slumbered. The rest was much needed as we had a long night ahead of us. The Metro Gang will regroup for this wedding and our table will definitely help Yew Meng finish his liquor / wine /beer.

To be Continued.....