Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Wedding Day To Remember Part 3

We played games, we bribed the girls, we drowned stuff into our tummies and most important of all we RESTed before Dinner started. As it is, I broke my record of waking up pre 9am on Sunday mornings, for two weekends consecutively. Why need to rest ? Simple, the reunion of the college buddies, means, drinking will be in the program. Confirmed. It seems like these reunions which are not common (luckilly) means it we all have lesen to drink.

The hot and humid day was welcomed by the downpour that evening as the sun sets. We were all up by 6pm and was getting ready for the dinner, Sayang was putting on make up while I hanged around downstairs doing something but was doing nothing (figuratively speaking). It took awhile to maneuver through the traffic during this downpour. Detoured abit, paid toll and we were there.
Nicela, the wedding planner did a good job or Renaisscance Hotel did a nice job, the Banquet Hall was nicely decorated without making you feel intimidated and yet it was properly, adequately done. This is the first time I see a huge main table, the one Yew Meng and Pick Yuen sits on, nice big one.


So we caught up with the Metro gang. I apparently have not met the gang for dinner for the past 3 dinners already. Kena complain kot, but I have been attending weddings of friends, like Kamarul and Andy Woo. Hmm.. but the last event we met up with was obviously Andy Woo's Son's Full Moon, and World Cup was this year wasnt it ?

Table 29 Before the Drinks

So the standard dishes were served, no complains but we were as usual helping ourselves to the drinks. One very different experience this time around, I no longer make my way outside the hall for smokes anymore. Yeay !!! I quit ! But also kinda felt left out. The newly weds started their rounds almost as soon as they had the champagne poured. When they came to our Table, oh ya No29 .... we were the loudest and rowdiest...

The Toast

Apparently our friend didn't drink until he came over to our table. Kenalah our friend, so we started a drink frenzy.... and finally after everyone has left our table remains. Remember wei Table 29, can go buy number with it, otherwise not much use for it. Anyone kena with Number 29, please donate some here, wakakakaka.

Aftermath-Red Faces

You see this video, since it doesn't tell how much time has passed, it really wasn't much time that has passed. But it looks as if all the guests are long gone, but the actual fact, The couple has just shook the last hand of the Dinner Guests for that night. Yew Meng got sloshed and passed out. We had to carry him back to the Bridal Suite (hmm nice name). My suspicions though tell me, he pretend only. So after that we went up to the room, uh hmm !! Suite.. he threw up in his underwear... then Sayang and I left. What time ? 1230am.

That was it, one whole Sunday dedicated to his Wedding, but I bet the preparations were done way way before. Phew! I am sure they are glad everything is done and over. Would just like to wish this couple a long lasting relationship, Grey Hair Till Old (cantonese saying la)...


SC said... time when your friends go for cigi break, I take you on different break lor...*wink,wink*

Bernsy said...

cough !!