Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Move aside Coca Cola !!

Who needs F&N Oren Crush, or Coke Cola when you can have Felda Cola. Been working around in Felda Sg Koyan the past few days and as usual we were on our business as usual demeanor. Which one ? - Jalan Jalan Cari Makan one.

Took the wrong turn and went into the estate's Post Office which had a row of shops ( wooden and single story). I was looking for a Malay stall that serves good Malay mixed rice ( authentic masakan Kampung estet ). Then I saw a shop equipped with one huge water filter and lots of bottles filled with orange color liquids !!! Did I discover a Kampung Cola bottling plant ?

So we got off the car and decided that we could do with some carbonated drinks. Apparently they entertain refills, which are cheaper as compared with buying a whole new bottle from them. They had Durian Belanda flavour, the lady was nice enough to let us try, YUCKS !!

Orange Crush - Ok la so so only. It is really not that sweet.

Homemade Cola 1 - Preparing the Syrup

Homemade Cola 2 - Making sure its not too sweet

Homemade Cola 3 - The finishing move

The plant with the water filter on the right

Making sure not too much or too little Syrup is poured in

The Black Juice is now ready to be carbonated

Carbonating the Juice under the watchful eyes of the young padwan