Monday, January 29, 2007

Ikan Kenerak; Kuih Kodok

Its been quite a challenge nowadays to find more good food in Kuala Lipis. The town is a dead town . I had the honour of having to have to wait 1hour 15 minutes for my food to come. The 3 of us ordered single serving meals, mine was Tom Yam Bee Hoon, and yet we had to wait so long for our food to come. I think this has something got to do with the Batu Talam Elections. You suddenly have an influx of visitors, and these restaurants are just not ready for the volume. Sigh !!

So during my trip down, I heard something very disturbing . One orang asli fisherman, approached my contractor and wanted to sell him Ikan Kelah for Rm25/kg. Contractor asked, boleh murah lagi ka ? He got cursed , org asli probably spit at him and went off. In my mind, alamak, wasted opportunity to try this fish. This fish can fetch about RM100 / kg in the market. The other fish is Ikan Jelawat, rated at RM 300 /kg grade. My friends said, if you manage to catch a Jelawat, you normally don't eat it, you bring it to a market and sell it. So I told my contractor, you must have peas for brains, 25 bucks you should buy all the fish he has. Open shop and sell ikan kelah la...

So I managed to eat Ikan Kenerak. Ikan Sungai Ori.

Kenerak Cooked in a Spicy Broth ( extra hot and spicy)

It was one huge fish, and it sat in the serving tray. I was unfamilliar in the broth/gravy it was cooked in.

So I asked, Ikan Sungai KA ?
Lady boss, nods. Then said, pedas ni.
I gleefully took the fish, then replied, aku tak takut pedas punya !!!

So I asked Ikan apa ? Besarnya...
Ladyboss said, besar lagi pun ada , ini kecil punya. Nak Tengok ?

Definitely not a very handsome fish, and it was huge. I suspect they eat baby monkeys for breakfast. The meat is thick and tough. Skin too hard, so I threw most it away. But the style of cooking is so hot, you quickly forget about the mud smell you get from River fish over here.

Kuih Kodok was the other interesting food I had. But it was for breakfast. This trip, we couldn't get any of our nasi kerabus from our favorite TNB station stall. My guess is they were unable to get their ingredients due to the floods. I noticed a few vegetable farms by the side of Sungai Lipis, flooded last week. Its just normal crepe with udang kering in it. Simple but very very tasty.

Good Boy
Ikan Kenerak from the River
Kuih Kodok