Saturday, January 20, 2007

Batu Talam By Elections

I have decided to analyze, because Ng Chee Pang the latest election candidate for he is only 22, decided he wants to contest. After analysis I will come up with a quick forecast of the election results.

DAP, Keadilan and PAS has all chickened out from this election as the Opposition Coaliton accused the EC of mal running our elections. Meanwhile the PM says they are cowards for running away from this election. Instead, one Ng Chee Pang, 22, decided he wants to contest as an independent candidate. Read more, I like to contest (BERNAMA) .

In the text, he said I felt lije contesting. Loose jo also nevermind, as long as I competed. Then who is funding your electoral campaigning ? My dad. Who happens to be Pahang DAP, Treasurer. Ironic eh ?

Who is the BN candidate ? He is Special Affairs Department field assistant Abdul Aziz Mat Kiram, 47 years old. I think this fellas son could be as old as Ng. Not much coverage could be found about En Abdul Aziz except that his face was on RTM1, RTM2 , TV3 , TV8 and TV9 , Astro Ria News, when DPM Najib accompanied by 10,000 BN supporters accompanied him for the nomimations.

The above are pics from the Electoral GroundZero. Its filled with UMNO and BN Flags. Big billboards stating, Thank you for voting for BN are aplenty and is clouting the roadside. I hope after the election those jokers still have the budget to clean the rubbish up.

BERNAMA has got a website up for this Batu Talam Elections


So after jalan jalan around ground zero and reading some news, as a substitute Political Analyst, I think the BN fella will win, by more than 3,000 majority, as DPM Najib wants it. Other wise, sia sueh la this BN fella. If BN don't get their 3000 majority of votes, it would signal a victory for young Mr Ng Chee Pang.

Good luck to both candidates.

QUESTIONS in my mind now :-

When applying for a job, they are always a minimum requirement for Education level; ie:
Must have minimum relevant University Education; Must be under 35 years of age; Must have 3-5 years of relevant experience. Even to apply for a job as a Mat Despatch alla professional Mat Rempit also you need SPM qualifications.

So these two candidates got what kind of Education ?