Friday, July 20, 2007

Teochew Chendol @ Penang Road

Pic Taken from Fatman Seoul's Blog

On my last day in Penang, I told myself I had to pay a visit to the Penang Road kopitiam which until today I do not know whats the name. There must be three things to try at this Kopitiam. Their Asam Laksa, their char koay teo and the outside stall - Teochew Chendol.

When I arrived and found parking, I already notice people crowding around the Chendol Stall. So I took out my phone ( camera sudah hilang la )... and started recording.

Soon after I went into the coffee shop and ordered my laksa. The koay teo lady was no where to be seen, so had to wait a while la. I ordered my koay teo and everyone seems to understand cantonese nowadays.

So my laksa came, and hmm !! it was delicious. There is something different with this fella's asam laksa. I mean the soup tastes like it has tissue paper in it. Its suppose be the fish being mashed up and mixed up with the asam laksa soup. Yummy !! Quite Good i must say.

I also managed to record the Kung Fu of these Penang Char Koay Teo lady.
Short NOTE: This CKT used to be my No1 Pick !!!

The CKT arrived and I took a good look at it. RM3.50 for a plate, and her prawns are of quite decent size too. The first bite was quite inconclusive, so I took a second and a third. I hesitated a while, I told myself, today's Char koay Teo, not like last time's char koay teo already...

In the video, I also highlighted the little sticker they put on the table. It is clearly stated that they will charge you 50sen if you don't order any drinks.. KNNCCB. I ordered Chinese Tea Ice.. 60 sen ( sounds like day light robbery ). On Penang kopitiams will do this.....

Anyways I quickly finished my food, and proceeded out to order my Chendol. The young man taking care of the stall speaks good english and kept calling me sir... Fuiyoo, normally I call other ppl sir, now he call me sir !!!

Unfortunately for me, by the time I took one mouthful of it, the drizzle became rain... and guess what !! This Chendol Stall now has their own shop lot, to allow people to sit. That must have been the best news I have heard since I came to this Kopitiam.

Now you can BOYCOTT the Penang Road Kopitiam without having to boycott Penang Road Chendol. I mean to say, they don't charge you extra 50sen for sitting inside their new Chendol shoplot, unlike the kopitiam. The Asam Laksa really tasted like tissue paper, CKT punya quality also has gone down a lot recently.

Teochew Chendol - Really something to look forward to when in Penang

The Asam Laksa Stall

On a brighter note, you now no longer have to drive all the way down to Penang to taste their chendol. Just take a jam packed drive up to Giant USJ 1 and you can enjoy the same chendol. Lets boycott that blardy kopitiam... from now , and I will strike that location of my lists of must visit stalls in penang.

This trip I also didn't make it back for the New World Stalls. Must try and find that place next time hahahaha !!!

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