Saturday, July 14, 2007

Toptaste Prawn Mee/Hokkien Mee @ Sin Kim Sun Kopitiam

This is the very much talked about Hokkien Mee in town. In the previous visit here, we had to come by a second time, because we came to this place at night, not knowing Toptaste opens only during the day.

Their stall is different. The front of the stall is pasted with newspaper articles about their food. They have been over covered, but what the heck, cover them again... hahaha....

This trip round, I made it a point to come back for breakfast. I reached this place by about 9am. The breakfast crowd had already left for work, while I was left with many dirty tables, full of prawn mee bowls. This must mean everyone is here to eat the prawn mee. A quick look around, I notice 7 tables, all has a prawn mee bowl on them. Business must be brisk.

I walked up to the stall, its manned by the lady and her foreign helper guy ( who speaks Hokkien already). I wonder why she asked me, add what ?(SOP meh to add stuff ?) I pointed at the weird looking praying mantis prawn ( I think thats what it is) , she acknowledged, " Herr Ko !!", then I nodded. Not bad, nowadays we can communicate to Penang people in Cantonese, but we get a reply back in Hokkien... muahahahaha....

The noodles came, with a jumbo serving of Mantis Prawns. Yummy !!! The soup here is not as thick as the ones compared with Ho Yee Kee, Kepong but it is spicy because of the additional chilli and very very sweet (prawn kinda sweet). Really can't make out why their Prawn Mee tastes so nice... perhaps Oldtown Chefs should come over here and find out how to improve their prawn mees.

I also ordered the old uncles CKT in the same kopitiam. It looks very authentically Penang CKT, but then the taste is just normal. The Myanmmar fella who fries CKT in Pandan Perdana I thought could come up with something nicer than this old man. But I noticed something different about Penang CKT fellas. All of them got quick hand movement when it comes to wielding their Wok Chan ( their wands). Unfortunately for me, not all of them can create magic, like the Red Hat Auntie in Lorong Selamat. Maybe we should call the Char Koay Teo in Lorong Selamat as Linux Char Koay Teo, because the auntie wears a RedHat... wakakakaka....

Ok, I got a very good shot of the location of this Kopitiam. I am standing at the intersection of Mcallister Rd, and Rangoon Rd. In the background is the UMNO building, and yes this place is in the vicinity of the UMNO building. If you are walking just walk towards the UMNO building and try find McAllister Road. Then ask around for directions to Sin Kim Sun Kopitiam.

I came back the next day to have one more bowl of Hokkien Mee, before I headed back to KL...
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