Thursday, July 19, 2007

Help !!! Rising Crime .. What can we do about it ?

When I called Sayang this morning, she told me something about the increasing crime rate in Kepong. She's been hearing stories of her neighbour's houses getting bulgarized, slashed , etc.. and I found such a story online from TheStar Online. Its obviously bugging her a bit, so I am just going to start the ball rolling by doing some searches online.

Increase in crime rates
Posted by: chui488
I don't know if my neighbours feel the same as I do, but the thought of living in fear daily - being burglarized/slashed/robbed is definitely not the way I want to live in the neighbourhood of Kepong Baru, KL. Thieves/burglars are more brave to assault their victims with parangs etc in broad daylight. These days they not only break into your houses - as a matter of fact, they walk into your houses as though they are your friends, and they walk out of your houses thru the front gate. The neighbours won't even think it is a robbery taking place, while the burglars walk away free. What has this neighbourhood become? Almost everyday, you will hear one house on Jalan so-and-so, got broken into at 4 am in the morning. Then next day, it is the back of Jalan so-and-so that house got broken into. Who do we turn to at times like this? Yes, there is lots of anguish and frustrations but what can we do to ensure that this place is a safer place for OUR children to live in? Don't anybody care anymore? What is our MP Kepong doing about it to make it a safer place for us to live in? The crime rates has been increasing - does someone else has to die in another robbery/snatch theft before real action is being taken? There are too many access roads being opened making it easier for the getaway. Well, it is only 20 mins drive then you are already on LDP. I know that is this Visit Malaysia Year but that does not mean I welcome crime. Help us to live in a 0% crime environment. I definitely want my children to live in a safe and crime free environment.
Taken from : The Star Online

She sounded quite concerned about her wellbeing, and is quite worried for the safety of her parents. What can 2 ladies and One man do ?

My initial reaction was to take up arms, be it our own Parangs, Guns, Spears, Bows & Arrows. Why do that ? To protect ourselves. As we know the Polis can't do shit about it until you get robbed. Crime prevention is not under the jurisdiction of the PDRM ( or is it ?). You can't lodge a report for feeling scared, or afraid that some joker might walk into your house and take your things. You can try, but the police officer will tell you to go home and watch more CSI instead. So the Polis, is not someone you can turn to. [so I suppose they wont be doing that ]

Crime prevention is not solely the responsibility of just the Police Force. We as residents of our respective housing estates, or districts should lend a helping in making our houses a safer place to be. Have you spoken to your Local Resident's Association , Rukun Tetangga, or your MP ? Does it exist ?

So far I found a few websites, namely Nwatch, USJ, PJNET, KK Community that actually has got an online presence and is actively involved in crime prevention. What about Kepong and Cheras ? Don't seem to be able to find any links regarding Kepong and Cheras....

You probably don't read too much of these stories online or on our local newspapers, unless someone got shot, or died from a snatch thief. I am not sure why, but perhaps or maybe the newspaper editors find these items not news worthy, or they are not in the business of telling the public how unsafe it is for us to live in KL.

A family house broken into in Cheras

I recently had a first hand account, of my friend , whose house was broken into. It happened just last month, when their house was broken into by 3 chinese guys ( ya chinese also in the business, not only Indons). One of those jokers were caught, clobbered up by his wife, and later tied up. Unfortunately the other 2 guys escaped with quite a bit of stuff, handphones, jewellery, etc.

I did not understand why that 1 guy was caught. Was he trying to hurt someone ? The story goes like this:

This mofo was trying to get into one of the rooms, where his son and daughter in law and grand kid was locked up inside (obviously to keep the kid safe la). This joker don't know for what reason, was trying to knock the door down. He managed to break the door knob and was trying to push his way into the room. He managed to get in halfway as his son pushed the door in and pinned him down. My friends wife, got a wrench and started clobbering the mofo. They had to clobber him until he was unconscious, before they tied him up.

The family was obviously upset for the past one month.

So WHAT's UP ?

These stories keep cropping up lately. So what can we do about this ? I really have no idea how to counter this man... I mean how prepared can we be, to face a situation when this jokers decide to walk into your house ?

Shoot to Kill ?
Chop his fucking hands off ?
Chop his cock off and feed to your dog ?
or Invite them in and hope they don't hurt anyone ? [ any more ideas ? ]

In the meantime I am just going to read up a little bit more on some of these websites below.

Phone numbers of various Stesen Polis


shades said...

For once, it's not about food... :P

Anonymous said...

One of my cousin Mr. Ahmed Pasha also known as Salman Bombay who is originally from India. He is reported to be stabbed by three unidentified persons on the night of Saturday (11th August 2007) on Jalan Kepong Industrial Park. He used to work in restaurant munch corner.

I am writing this message in a hope to find out his wereabouts, if any person who knows even little information may inform me at I am currently reciding in Saudi Arabia

Can you please help us to know his status. We have no friends or relatives living in Malaysia who can find out his info.


Mohammed Arshad

Anonymous said...

sad to hear about it, you can contact the police station, the telephone number is 037956 2222. They should be able to help you

Anonymous said...

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