Monday, July 14, 2008

Sometimes when you drive pass a restaurant, if it is packed, you always wonder why. Food good meh ? Is it expensive ? and other stuff that goes on. We drive past DeFoodLand quite a bit, and usually on the weekends, this place is full to the brim, 2 floors of a corner shop lot in Manjalara. I know one thing for sure after doing some research, they are famous for CRABS.

Our first visit, we only ordered one vege, and one serving of their signature, Butter Crab, which I found rather disappointing. The crab was good but cooking was not.

Anyways, since it was Mom in Law's birthday, instead of going to the usual Fullwealth, I suggested why don't we go try D Foodland. So we ordered this 4 heavenly kings, which I thought was different. Its cooked with little dried shrimps and garlic, minus the chilli.

Instead of rice, we ordered long noodles which symbolizes longevity.

This is Samsi Taufu, which is Tofu served with 3 thin slices of pork, mushroom and squid. I thought both the mushroom and squid enhances the flavor of this dish tremendously. This dish was great....

We also ordered this sweet and sour crab, which I thought came out a disappointment. The crabs were fresh, but the way they cook it, really can be improved. Even thought the crabs were fresh, I have had better crabs than theirs.

So much for a reputed Crab Specialist
Anyways, the fried mantau was good, and we ate with the sweet and sour gravy which came with the crab dish.

In the end I found this place rather disappointing when it comes to crabs. I am not sure if it was the expectation or it is just me. I thought the vegetables and the tofu dish were nice, they cooked it well.

The prices here are slightly higher than most eateries in Kepong, taste wise, I find it just so so. Ok la.... but their crabs were a disappointment. Order anything but their crabs if I were to return.

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Anonymous said...

A seafood restaurant that specialises in crab dishes but doesn't deliver on crab dishes says a lot, doesn't it? LOL. (Thanks for the no whiffle bit...hehehe)

Anonymous said...

i've tried their sweet and sour crabs before and it wasn't great. however, they do make a smashing butter cheese crab dish ('nai yau hai'). i haven't been there in ages because their prices are now steeper than when they first started out (in a little hut about 1km from their current premise).

Anonymous said...

So many crabs, so little time! LOL

Pity they weren't up to par though. Good crabs are hard to find. *sniggers*

choi yen said...

I went there last 2 weeks too :)

wmw said...

Not being a fan of seafood, the tofu dish appeals to me more ;o)

KA said...

eekkeekekke kena con by the crowds again.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

its quite funny to think abt it..not ordering crabs but surrounded by crabs..

Anonymous said...

lyrical - i thought the rest of the dishes were nice, especially their tofu... really something different.

howshouse - i am not sure i want to go back and risk rm 70 eating crabs which might be nice again..their crabs are not cheap

kenny - crabs were nice, cooking not.. hahahaha

mimi - how was it ?

wmw - no worries, it wasn't that good here anyways.

andyc - crowds usually indicate good food ma...

joe - terrible la their cooking of crabs..

HairyBerry said...

years ago, this used to be a great crab restaurant. the butter crab was good. and their signature fried mee hoon as well. then, dunno what happen, standard drop were my visits...

Anonymous said...

i try tis restaurant b4 with my family members. the dishes not as delicious as i expecte. kinda disapointed on this restaurant.No 2nd times for tis restaurant.