Saturday, September 15, 2007

Will you eat this ?

WTF is this ? I bet thats the same thing you thought of when you saw the pic. Last week , while Sayang and I were jalan jalaning in Plaza Damas, we stumbled upon Eric Tsang's Deli / Cafe place. We walked past the restaurant and saw that thing in an aquarium..

Will you eat that something that looks like a LC ? So the hokkien fella sure ask wan, "Hami LC lai geh ? " ROFL !!!


Precious Pea said...

It's called Geoduck or "Jeong Bak Phong" in cantonese. Very pricey eaten sashimi style or dipped into boiling herbal soup. Slurps!

Bernsy said...

yup now that you mentioned it, its called the Geoduck.. looks very obscene , some more you say, its best if ate raw ..hahaha

Kryptonite said...

Sashimi style is best! Absorbs flavors so nicely. I had this dish when I was in HK last year, and I will give it another shot. Very refreshing :-)


Anonymous said...

Yea its Geoduck (pronounced as "gui-duck"). If eaten raw, it tastes like sashimi, if you cooked it, is tastes like abalone. Go for the Canadian ones and avoid the Mexican's.