Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Banana Leaf Rice @ Restoran Sri Kortumalai , Brickfields

It was a Saturday afternoon, and for some reason, we'd wanted to try some banana leaf rice in Brickfields. Since we were in MidValley already, why not, its just a short drive down the Federal Highway. When we arrived at the vicinity of the restaurant (near the Seri Kota junction), we were greeted by a massive traffic jam. We were quite lucky because we saw an empty space infront of those shops.

Its roughly about one month before Deepavali, and the traders had already begun setting up stalls by the roadside, vending festive goods, decors and stuff for the coming Deepavali celebrations, that definitely did not help with the traffic. We were very lucky to get that space for our car.

The restaurant is actually situated at the corner near the junction. We sat ourselves down and did notice quite a lot of people already enjoying their banana leaf rice, eating with their hands. For me, I have yet to acquire the skills of eating with my hands yet ( it gets messy), but I reckon I will pick it up in time to come ( do they allow us to eat with our left hands ?).

I went for the standard vegetarian set lunch that day, didn't feel like eating meat. So I asked for my nasi separuh , and the usual sayur "manyak portion" for my meal.

I had fish curry and sambar drenching my rice, while Sayang had her's flooded with Sambar only (notice the word drench and flooded). Sayang love to have her rice flooded with sambar, and nothing else, while I still like a little mix of other types of curries when available, although I'd equally enjoy a "only sambar" dressing for my rice.

Below - the other stuff they sell at this place.

We later asked for Rasam but surprisingly, it came in a small saucer. Drank it all up and thought it was a tad too oily for my liking. Their fish curry also was a little too salty to my taste, although it did taste quite alright.

I will come back to Brickfields to sample the other restaurants and will try to come back again to Sri Kortumalai someday. Surely..

No. 215A, Jalan Tun Sambathan, Brickfields
Phone number: 03-22737728


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Hmmmm have yet to try this one. If you have the chance, and feel like vegetarian, try South Indian Aiyer Restaurant at Palm Court in Brickfields. Damn good banana leaf fare.

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks so deliciously enough to get there at once!

Bernsy said...

Lemongrass - hoping you might pop up with an idea or two as to where's good to try . Thanks, will keep that in mind.

BBO - that place is ok la... their taste is very ori wan. But parking is the main problem..