Friday, November 30, 2007

Ching Chong Lady Strikes back

Sometime ago , we read on Kenny Siau's blog, he got a call from some ching chong lady, supposedly a scam. A few weeks back Sayang also kena, but luckilly for her, since she can't understand any Mandarin, her conversation did not carry on for long. While my call didn't begin with, " congratulations, you won't 240 thousand upyourass dollars , and so on and so forth.!!", I thought it be fun if we recorded it just in case, it came to that...

Yesterday another Ching Chong lady, called me up, UNKNOWN CALLER, appeared. I picked up and the lady spoke Mandarin to me. WTF !! I told her, me no understand.....

NOT very clear... I don't understand, and when I try to communicate with them in cantonese, she gave up (hopefully she vomits blood too), and passed it to another ching chong lady who speaks my dialect.

To Listen to the Snippet click here: ChingChongLady Phone Conversation
You can download the mp3 file here

I hope this is not the beginning of a scam where they call you up on pretense of something else and ask for consent to register your details into a database. In the end I have requested not to be registered.

Dec 02 , Genting Arena of Stars
Got somekind of exibition for electronic gadgets right (from what I gather from that phone conversation?)
Listen for the password, listen for the name, and please feel free to attend the event... wakakaka


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