Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ampang TYF @ Orchard View, Ampang

Usually I won't drive all the way down to the old Ampang Village area just to get some YTF. But that day I was picking up some stuff for work, and thought it might be nice to actually eat some YTF in the real place itself. Even though some might say Orchard View is not the original shop that served YTF, but they do look the most organized.

This lady is preparing Sui Kao - for frying / soup. You know they are good when they openly prepare their YTF infront of you. It means you get them fresh, and hot.

The kitchen staff busy frying those sui kaos, and yong tao foos. This place is very organized. They have a system for , sending food out from the kitchen, and a system to validate your order when you pay. These fellas should actually document their system and patent it. Its like they run everything with a SOP in mind.

Thats what I ordered, a 10 piece assorted platter of YTF (in other words 10 kin cham cham, lol). What can I say, their fish paste is quite alright, really can't find anything to complain about the. You can tell that their YTF is cooked twice, once cooked in hot water (kukus) and then fried to give you a crunchier texture when you bite into them. Another plus is that, their YTF do not fall apart when you bite into them. Wonder why...

Their Fried Sui Kao, is another item on their menu that is a crowd favorite. After seeing how they mass produce their sui kaos, I also didn't wanna lose out, ordered 2 pieces . The skin of the sui kao was crunchy, and hot. The temptation to bite into them and wait for the juices to flow into your mouth is there, but please becareful, the sui kao's veli hot, and might scald your gums if you are not careful.

Orchard View's Fried Sui Kao is like McDonald's French Fries . Get the metaphor ?
Always hot, always crunchy, and always fresh...

Note: my favorite YTF is still the kind they call Hakka YTF, where the fish paste has a little salted fish in them. Another thing to look out for when eating YTF is their sweet sauce and their chilli sauce. I think both of these came out quite nice at Orchard View.

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MeiyeN said...

i have tried this place even before they moved over to this corner of restaurant.. back then, we got to sit under da trees... i remember how windy it was and how yummy their "cheung farn"... it seems like their quality has dropped after they moved over :(

Bernsy said...

Back then I never get to eat Ampang YTF at all... the only ones I get to eat are those at cosy corner's. hehe

TTB said...

How come your blog title a bit kelam kabut one with the YTF? Was wondering what it stands for till I read further. Oh... yes, hakka YTF is the best I think, mainly due to the salted fish.

Anonymous said...

yala yala... YTF is not WTF u know, don't salah paham.. wakakakaka

TTB said...

:P :P and you said Ampang TYF at your blog entry title leh...

Anonymous said...

:P yalo, must have been thinking some chinese bad words at that time... thus the typo. ROFL !!