Thursday, November 01, 2007

One Noodle @ Kepong

I only just realized that One Noodle serves mostly only La Mian. We must have been to this place countless times, because it has somehow become our, anytime , eat all the time also won't get bored place. The reason is simply because they serve some pretty decent tasting noodles .

One Noodle actually has got a lot of pressure to serve some pretty good food. For one, they are from the same family as KTZ, which has been serving fantastic desserts to us for a long time. Secondly, their first One Noodle in Kepong, is situated right opposite of Lim Meng Kee , Kepong who used to have a La Mian stall next to their KTZ stall in Kepong. That LMK stall actually had a La Mian Sifu making fresh la mian. Fuiyoo... pressure or not ?My sayang's first choice is always, their buckwheat la mian noodles in clear soup. We found that their soup is not heavilly masked with Ajinomoto, unlike most noodle joints. To add to that, their noodles always seem to be fresh, and have that some sort of a crunchy feel when you bite into it.

My favorite dish is always their Superior Seafood La Mian. Its costs about 15 bucks, abit on the high side for a Kepong place, but they give you back , all sorts of Seafood they can find in the market. Very good value for money is how I would like to describe this dish.

On top of noodles, they also have a few dim sums on their menu. Nots bads I must say. Their Kepong outlet have just been recently renovated, although I must say it still don't look as nice as the SS2 branch.

No 66 Jalan Ambong Kiri Satu (7)
Kepong Baru
Telephone: 03 6252 9451

I don't believe it, but while I was searching for other reviews, I found that I have already mentioned about One Noodle twice before.

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Babe_KL said...

hmm i quite like the noodles here too but hvnt gone since their reno. btw, yr link to ss2 is not mine la cos i only been to the kepong one :D

Bernsy said...

thanks for the heads up... link already corrected....... the place looks a lot nicer than last time.

Still the same old friendly staff ..