Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Chilling Out @ Alexis, The Gardens MidValley

Sayang and I was walking around at the Gardens one evening, can't recall if we actually had already watched a movie or we were just shopping that evening. As we were jalan jalaning, she asked me, if you had a chance to go on a first date with me again, where will you bring me....

Alexis was just around the corner, and I immediately said, Alexis !! Lets go for a date. Sayang was on her salad diet, and she ordered some salad on the menu. It was for about RM20 or something like that, pictures came out blurry because of my shaky hands and low light environment. The salad did not impress her at all....

We also shared a pizza. It was a large half and half thin crust pizza. Again it did not impress very much, it was for Rm28++. However, it must have gone down to the decision of ordering some pizza with lots of olives. It had quite abit of olives, a thin layer of tomato base, shrimps and oysters. Ingredients were no doubt fresh, the cheese was nice, but we didn't really liked it.

On a special note, I thought their thin crust tastes like bread cracker. Nice and crunchy.

Alexis is definitely a place to chill out. As a student, we used to hang out at Alexis,Bangsar. Remembering those Absolute Bottles that used to be placed behind a glass panel, with light shone from behind, the effect was just so cool. That was then la....

Alexis is also a place to go for cakes. Lovely place to hang out, and listen to Jazz...

Lot f209 1st Floor
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
T +603 2287 2281
For more info visit Alexis' Website

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Anonymous said...

Aiyoh thambi! Mana ada "whiffle" of lemongrass wan? Hehe. Yeah, I'll have to agree with you about the food, but it's a really nice place to hang out with friends. I like the "outside" area with the cool white sofas.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha whiffle! a twist to the name..

loved alexis..was a place that i took the Girlfriend to and she loved it!

still remember one of my 1st reviews..the day of the phone camera

Bernsy said...

aiyoyo, sorry la.... corrected, rofl..

joe - kewlest place to lepak...

Anonymous said...

I no like food..take me to good food..I WANT good food