Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tony Roma's @ The Pavillion

I remembered when I read the first flogger's post on an eatery at the Pavillion, hundreds or perhaps thousands have followed since. Upon reading them food reviews, I couldn't really motivate myself to make the trip down to KL, especially to that area, where traffic jams, are a norm.

Sayang works Saturdays, and first halves of the Sunday is dedicated to church, and the later half is dedicated to buying stuff for the new house and all, time is definitely not on our side. Luckilly for us, we somehow managed to make a few changes to our usual schedule, and squeezed a little time out to do a family lunch... @ the Pavillion.

Upon arriving at the Pavillion we were pleasantly surprised to find that traffic was not that bad after all, and we did not have to circle the car park for 20 minutes before getting into a space which is very common at places like the Curve, 1U, MidValley, and I believe parking spaces are scarce even at places like Leisure Mall.

He headed down to the basement where the famous Food Republic was, and we decided to go try out Tony Roma's. MIL and FIL both have not tried Tony Roma's before, so they agreed to try out. This bowl of soup was just great, as it had lots of ingredients in it. It has every feel of a home cooked soup, in every spoonful of soup you put in your mouth.

This appetizer, seems to appear in everyone's blog for some reason. My theory is that, the Onion Rings were being sold excessively by Roma's staff. On one hand I thought its a good appetizer, on the other hand, its just simple onion cut in rings, dipped in batter and dip(pardon my American spelling) fried. Cannot be simpler than this. Needed more seasoning, so when it arrived I took one onion ring neat, then the rest I dipped into chilli sauce... yummy !!

Sayang as usual was on her weight loss diet. She was going to have salad, and looking into the menu, the most ideal salad to have (if you are thinking about weight loss) was this Salmon or Tuna(grilled), Salad, that comes with the standard leaves, onions, I think they sprinkled a little bit of mozarella (kedekutnye), tortilla chips. The salad's tossed in a mix of Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a squeeze of lemon juice. As a filler, two pieces of pita bread is also put at the side (capatee looking bread).
FIL, pulak ordered this grilled chicken, which comes with a generous portion of grilled chicken meat, a large scoop of chunky mash potatoes, coleslaw with honey mustard dressing. I think both mother and father in laws had the same dish.

Since no one eats beefy in the family I only get to eat them outside. Surely I will order my favourite item, burger. This is the Roma's Burger, it comes with beef patty cooked to well done, and wrapped in two slices of cheddar. On the side, half a plate of freshly fried french fries. I am seriously not going to compare this burger with Carl's, Burger King, Wendy's or McDs. This one is a real burger with real fries, and the best accompanied with a mug of cold beer, not soft drinks.

To cap of a wonderful lunch outing, I added this last minute order after everyone was waiting for the food to settle, I asked for the Avalanche. We were already stuffed by then, but the avalanche just looked so irresistible. Althought it was just two scoops of Vanilla ice cream, with a brownie on top, the chocolate syrup they put on it, completed this amazingly simple and delicious dessert.

Goto LG level where the food republic is
Walk around, sure can find wan... wakaakakaka

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joshuaongys said...

tony roma is good!! but not everyone can afford.. like me =(

choi yen said...

How's ur Sayang comment for the salad, it's looks yummy to me :)

Bernsy said...

joshua - work harder ma can afford lo

mimi - sourish, and weirdish taste. She din like it, I din like it.. wakakakakaka.......

Raymond said...

Tony Roma's slacking already. In my opinion, go to 'Delicious' which are located near KLCC or the one at Bangsar Shopping Village. MUCH more worth the money and time. And desserts, MMMmmmMMmmMMMMmmm..... ^_^

fatboybakes said...

tony romas without THE unspeakable meat is like madonna without pointy b**bs huh. how does it stack up to the singapore one? aiyo, looking at raymond's comment about delicious, i really beg to differ man....

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

agree wit FBB, baulks at the comment!

tony roma i guess is another american restaurant that serves portions bigger then ur face can stuff and stomach to handle..just look at the salad..its a FULL ON meal..

Bernsy said...

Ray - hey thanks for dropping by, will definitely check it out, drove past BSV last nite and saw Delicious at the corner.

fbb - you meant boobs ? waakakakaka.. have to ask Nic to go check it out and let us know... Friday night after ask him go TR singapore, Saturday upon arrival in KL ask him go try out ..wakakaka

Joe - got Part 2 coming up for you, heh.... Tony Roma Part 2 coming up

Anonymous said...

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wmw said...

Yup, only eat TR in Singapore, the nearest one to us with the "other" meat :)

J2Kfm said...

Tony Roma's p'rk ribs really THAT good ah? pity the one here can't serve them. OR they can open another branch in Msia, not in shopping complex, and appease the P*rk Lovers in us ...

Anonymous said...

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