Saturday, August 11, 2007

DVD seller making a Name for himself !!

pic from Thestar

This guy must be the most famous guy on Astro today. Forget about Raja Lawak, he will always succeed in getting me into stiches everytime his advertisment comes on TV. Sure enough, when we first saw the advertisment, the first question is, "Where did they find this Ah Beng from ..." hence theStar's article , "Ad guy Yuen is no Ah Beng".

Everyone I know , find the Ad very very funny. Definitely stand out from the rest. The only people who were not amused about it , are the actual DVD flers. WAKAKAKAKAKA !!! I heard one of them ranting about this AD too.. and he doesn't look very amused that ASTRO has made an AD making fun of the illegal trade... wakakakakak !! ROFL!!

anyway here's a video of the interview with Yuen...