Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wong Kok - Char Chan Teng @ Leisure Mall

This Wong Kok, is strategically placed, right opposite of Fitness First, at Leisure Mall Cheras. Sometimes after class, on Sundays, we may end up at this place for a drink and a quick bite.

I don't quite understand what the appeal is for this CCTs ( Char Chan Teng), but I always notice a crowd at these restaurants. Right opposite ( outside of Cheras Leisure Mall) you can find another cafe, Food & Tea, also always packed with customers....

Anyway, this time we came over for a quick lunch, before BC class. I knew we were running late and couldn't eat much so I ordered for Mantau with Luncheon Meat... I must say this dish is really nothing special... wakakakaka... just spam and mantau cut into pieces...thats it.... oh ya those yellow lines are mayo. Nothing special but it was quite tasty...

Sayang ordered her Szechuan nisin noodles. I always thought those were maggi mee, served with Szechuan meat or something like that.. waakakaka

Now you see why I am quite puzzled as to why these CCT's are always filled with people ?

My theory is that, they serve really simple food, which tastes quite okay. I mean how bad can you fry a piece of luncheon meat ? or How bad can your Maggi Mee be ?

Oh yes, I remember something really good to mention about this place. Their Coffee, Tea, and Cham tastes really quite good. I mean they have a recipe that appeals to the general public. I mean you can't complain about their coffee, unless you are comparing them with Starbucks' coffee. Then of course, its value for money in a pretty decent environment.

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