Friday, December 14, 2007

Char Siu & Hakka Mee @ Restoran Seremban Favourites @ Sunway Mas

There has already been countless posts about the Char Siu at this restaurant. Situated in Sunway Mas, it seems like whoever been to this restaurant, they will rave about their char siu. " Got or not ah ? " , "Got Meh ?", " Sure or not ?", thats the initial reaction when I read all those posts. So I told myself one day I have to go try this place out and I did, so here's my story....

I had an appointment with the Jewelery Designer (Wendy), whom also has an office in the vicinity. Whoa.. isn't that the place where the char siu restaurant is at...I sheepishly set the appointment at 1pm during lunch time, so that I could go over to try some char siu.

Our discussion finished at about 230pm and I proceeded to the restaurant. There was only a handful of customers left in the restaurant, as the lunch crowd has already dispersed. I sat down, and ordered Hakka Mee, and Char Siu (asked for lean meat). Uncle Bill came and said , its late already, only heads and tails left, he said. But will try to cut up some good lean meat for me.
When the plate arrived, I was astonished as to why the sauce was served separately.

Took a few pics, and ate one piece. Tasted pretty good in fact. Then took another piece, dipped into the char siu sauce and put it into my mouth. Hmm also tasty. Actually, even without the char siu sauce, the meat tasted very tender, soft on the inside, and crispy on the outside (skin). Some pieces that came with a little bit of fat, wasn't that bad also. Its so tender, the fat actually melts in your mouth ( really not bluffing !!)

As for the Hakka Mee, it really look like a bowl of noodles with Minced meat, and nothing more. Its a bowl of Clear Kon Lou noodles (hmm reminds me of Sarawak KoLo mee.). The serving was quite generous for both the noodles and the minced meat, and taste wise, I think its quite authentically Hakka Mee.

Maybe someone from Seremban can try Uncle Bill's Hakka mee and confirm it for me.

So the very next day, Sayang and I actually came together again to Uncle Bill's restaurant. We ordered Hakka Mees, a plate of char siu and added a bowl of meatballs and fishball respectively.

Their meatball is also another item on the menu that you have to try. Their meatballs are firm, yet spongy. Taste wise, I believe is very good. Its got to be amongst the best meatballs I have had.
Fried sui kau was quite good, as they will only fry them after you ordered. So it was quite tasty and crunchy and smoking hot when put on the table.

Anyone who comes here must also try their fishballs. Either by ordering their fishball noodles, or just simply order a bowl of them. Again, the quality of those fishballs are ranked at one of the better ones I've had.

To summise, this place serves up a storm with their Char Siu (Great). The rest of the stuff I mentioned above varies from Good to Very good.

Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant
No. 80-1 (Ground Floor), Jalan PJU 1/3B,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 017-279 8582 (Uncle Bill)

Operating hours: 7.30am - 4.30pm daily

Closed Tuesdays.

A Whiff of Lemongrass - the char siu pic will melt on your screen... -map here
Tan Kiasu


yammylicious said...

meatball lover.. yammm~the hakka noodles abit too dry rite?!

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Hmm... Looks yummy! Can you please give directions to that place? I shall go there and try the Hakka Mee and return with a comparison btw Original Hakka Mee in S'ban and here.

Seremban-ian here!

Unknown said...

welcome to the cha siu frenzy club :P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks like its true..sob sob..i need to try lar..

Bernsy said...

yammy - actually its not dry, the soup or gravy (clear one) is underneath the noodles. Clearly a very porky gravy...

Wetwetwater - the map hor, click on Lemongrass link.. she got nice map done on her site.

Kampungboycitygal - thanks thanks... this char siu is really considered as "great" char siu.. looking forward to the visit again this sunday...

Joe - eh, remember to go early if you are very choosy as to which part of the char siu u wan...

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

it's 12.33am and looking at your pics have got me craving for da damn thing. How to wait till saturday to makan??? I guess I shall just have to imagine the soft meltinyourmouth sensation for the moment!

Anonymous said...

lemongrass - lol... awwww !!! Its saturday already what...

HairyBerry said...

gosh! i was there yesterday! the boss saw me taking out my camera and asked: blogger ar? so funny! anyway, the semi-fat one is really nice! love the hakka mee too!

tankiasu said...

Hidup babi panggang!!!

Anonymous said...

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