Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fullwealth Seafood Restaurant @ Kepong

I never knew much about this restaurant, until one fine day, Sayang's parents brought me here. Then Sayang was telling me, this place serve pretty good food and the price is very reasonable also. It was not very hard to get convinced because, judging from the amount of people already in the restaurant, I mean it was full when we arrived at 7pm (40 tbls filled up).

The Yam Basket with Chicken cubes dish, is a very standard dish to judge a restaurant's skill at cooking their food. The yam basket is thick and the when put in mouth, you feel the yam was finely meshed. The fillings was cooked with some other flavour other than the usual kung po, but I liked it. Notice the generous portion of the cashew nuts...
We ordered a mixed beans vegetables cooked in sambal belacan. The four heavenly kings. Not sure why they call this dish that, but I have eaten some pretty lousy versions of this here and there. But over here at Fullwealth, they performed very well that night with this dish.

This is their signature rib dish, in cantonese, Chiu Pai Pai Kuat. Its cooked in an oriental sweetish sauce. Again the taste of their ribs is very different. If you noticed my past postings, we have been having this rib fever for a long time now. We thought this ribs were surprisingly very tasty and did not contain a lot of fat in it. I am not sure but is it a pre requisite that when you cook em ribs, its gotta have half fat / half lean like the way most people love their char siu ?

If not mistaken that's the Promfret Steamed in Ginger and light soya sauce. The fish was fresh, and thought perhaps, the dish might have turned out better if they left out the ginger.

The Japanese Tofu with sliced pork and mushrooms. Again no complains, but generally these are normal dishes we'd order when we eat out. Very safe and common dishes that catered for everyone.

The pricing over here is very reasonable. A usual dinner here with just about 5 persons will not cost more than RM80, but if you order some items like Shark's Fin, expensive fish, big prawns, I am sure they are very reasonable too. Besides, their serving is quite large also, making it a very popular joint in the Kepong area.

Now, I heard recently that this Fullwealth restaurant in Kepong, is actually related to a Fullwealth restaurant in Jinjang Utara. Not that it actually makes sense to me, because this restaurant is only as new as my second visit thus far.

So far, no complains yet. And if I may comment, this place has so far performed much much better than the Tai Thong's in Kepong and Cheras (Taman Segar).

Fullwealth Seafood Restaurant

No. 38/40, Jalan Ambong Kanan 2,
Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
52100 Malaysia
Tel : 03-6252-4977
Fax : 03-6252-4977

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HairyBerry said...

this restaurant has been there for a very very long time...a popular place for bdays, weddings etc. and a reasonably priced one too...the food is old-skool but still nice...

do try out regal at kepong baru too...newly opened and reasonably priced too. think will give fullwealth a run for its money.

Bernsy said...

tried already loo that Regal place, price wise also about the same as Fullwealth ya.

That day the food was just so so, to give them chance, considered ok la, almost the same as fullwealth but not on par "yet". But service was horrendously slow. Staff uninterested.

yammylicious said...

okies i in love with the Chiu Pai Pai Kuat =) sticky finger licking good yammmmmmmmm~

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Bernsy, need to get in touch with u. Pls drop me an email (my email add is on my blog). Thanks!

Ruth said...

The mixed beans vegetables looks so good... Will have to check out this restaurant next time I'm in Melbourne:)

Seafood Restaurant Melbourne