Monday, December 31, 2007

Mrs. BH's first birthday...dinner 1

My first post( for 2008) on BH's blog...have to be about food, right?...Well, this one's about Restaurant Fullwealth, in KB..on December 28th, my birthday!

The yam basket...the yam wasn't crispy enough, the chicken not spicy enough for kung po style, so wasn't their best that day.
4 aces vege...was good, cos' they didn't scrimp on the petai. But they should have used snake beans instead of long beans to up the yum factor.

Hoi Mei Pou..or loosely translated, seafood (many) in claypot...hehehe

The Cod..this was lovely, the cooking was just right, so the meat wasn't too hard or uncooked. Too bad I'm not much of a fish fan..BH loved it, though.

The tofu, their signature dish...nice and smooth, this too was very good.

Overall, the cooks might have been on leave that day, but the food was still good, not excellent. It sure was belly busting though!

BH reviewed this here...


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Heard abt this bday celebration! Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year to both of you!

HairyBerry said...

Happy belated birthday and a happy new year, SC & Bernsy! haha! passed by the other day and found so many tour buses in front of the restaurant!hmm....niways, the cod fish looks the texture of this fish!