Friday, December 21, 2007

Manhattan Fish Market @ Cineleisure, Damansara

Oh gosh, this must have been like our second gathering of the HRV guild members (most of them) at the Fish Market. However so, this time we just came back from Australia and had just feasted upon some of the freshest seafood, in Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne.

Sayang came along, and I thought it would have been a good chance to introduce her to a bunch of my good friends who virtually fought with me in many epic wars. Brothers who "fight life and fight death" (a cantonese proverb), when they ask you out for dinner after the guild disbanded, we usually try to make it.

So this is what we had, a seafood platter for two, which consists of some prawns, calamari, fish mussels, I think we had half a lobster in there, some rice and chips. To be very frank, this serving was just about big enough for Sayang and Me. Assuming two guys want to share that, I'd say please think twice or order a starter and a soup to share. And there wasn't even a hint of fresh on those platters they were serving.

This one's a baked dory, am not sure who ordered this this, but it does look pretty nice.

Another one of those dishes served on a stainless steel pan. This one is a fish fillet served with chips and rice. Very asian.

This one's shared between ecniV and Stormberg. Two very macho names here sharing a platter in Manhattan Fish Market. Both also about 6 ft tall in real life. ;;)

This little fish and chips basket was ordered by Shanna. The baby girl in the group.

I won't really recommend any of you to go eat their seafood. Inspite of its name being a fish market, their seafood is anything but fresh. You are better off going to Restoran AhBeng Seafood Restaurant, you will definitely get better seafood than just mostly, deep fried seafood. Thats just my opinion.

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Where to find this place ? Just walk into Cineleisure from the front door, and keep left. It is next to Tony Roma's. Btw, Tony Roma's and MFM is owned by the Same company in Malaysia.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeah totally is just fried seafood and to be honest, after being fried, it masks whether it is fresh or not anywayz..well to most lar..unlike us food bloggers with an exquisite tongue

HairyBerry said...

the food here is quite generic...fried stuff lor...kinda like a upper-class version of long john silvers...quite like their butter rice though...hehehe...

yammylicious said...

don;t really heart MFM anymore.. the seafood doesn't tasted good as before d.. specially ceneleisure branch.. sad =(

Bernsy said...

Nic - yeah, its like serving long john's in a nicer looking restaurant.

yammy - if u want to eat fish and prawns, isn't the Restoran AhBeng better than this MFM ?

Nowadays normal Tai Chao (Big Fry) also got air cond oredi... like fullwealth, hung kee, ...

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

LOL on "exquisite tongue". :-P

Anyway, looks can certainly be deceiving, eh? Have always avoided places like this like the plague (mostly! hehe).